Thursday, March 29, 2012

searching for our new home

Growing up, my husband moved with his family every 2-3 years across country and internationally. I, on the other hand, was born and raised in the same, small hometown until I left for college....hence, no moving experience for me. I have learned something about myself since being in Minnesota...I do not enjoy the "from the ground up" process of finding a home. I think Clay learned this back in 2005 as well when after an hour or two of looking at different options, he pulled into a gas station, went inside, and came back out 2 minutes later tossing a super sized bag of MM's at me. He looked over at me as he pulled away and with a hint of a grin said, "Here. Eat some chocolate."

What a man. He was learning fast. ;)

We have now moved 3 times (going on 4) since our wedding day. One from Mississippi to Minnesota, another from one apartment to a second apartment in the same complex, and finally from our last apartment to this fantastic home in the suburbs.

It is time for us to move on as the owners of the home are ready to list their house on the market. Last week, Clay and I set out to find a new city and home to live in. With me not working at this time, there are fewer ties to this area. Ha! You might as well have drawn a grid around the cities that were within a certain distance to the airport and thrown a dart at it. We spent 3 days (and nights) looking at a number of options...

Once again, hubby was smart. Within the second hour of the first day, he had pulled over and grabbed some treats for the boys and me. Happy faces were to be seen! Yea for chocolate and for caffeine! (I even managed to organize a few coupons during the drive which always makes me happy!)

I have to say that at times during those 3 days, I would get so discouraged. Between the traffic of the cities, the questions of the 4 year old and the cries of the 17 month old, the emotional aspect of having recently been let go, having to move in general, and thinking of all the other day to day duties and responsibilities I had less than 72 hours to do, I was slightly stressed. ;)

Then I saw this on the car in front of us...and smiled. After thanking God for a few things and asking for a little more peace and patience as well, I knew everything was going to be ok.

Sometimes, all it takes is the little things to put things into perspective for us. Thank you, Lord, for those gentle reminders.

**For an update to our friends and family, we did a sign a 2 year lease for a townhome that is closer to many of our friends and to our church out West. In the instance of a job transfer during those 2 years, we would relocate. Plans are to move to this new home at the end of April.


Marsha Goodwin said...

So sorry you are having to move again, but the upside of being closer to friends and church is great..

Love your blog...The boys are so precious..Thanks for sharing your times with them and times of your lives together with us...

Love you

carrie said...

Thanks Aunt Mar! I appreciate the comment! Love you too!

AshleyMarie said...

I was hoping you were going to say "looking for a home in Memphis"... Wish y'all were closer! Glad you found something!

Silverrose said...

That's the first time i've seen a box of fignewtons in so long... Selfish of me but that's about all i could think about while reading was how much i wish i could have some haha! <3 Hope everything works out!!!