Tuesday, March 31, 2009

yellow inspirations & MOA fun!

So I would say that for the month of March, yellow has been my color. When the colors you wake up to everyday outside consist of gray & white, you need to place some colors in your space...at least I do!
Here are a few old & new favorites from March:
Ghirardelli chocolates, picture frame from gift shop (had this for years...for some reason the paper from the original is still in there!), fun spring scarf & jewelry from Knicks in Grenada.
What color inspired you this last month?

Carrie & Parker at Underwater Adventures Aquarium at the Mall of America.
Last week, we joined a few friends at the mall for a fun outing! Parker loved walking through the exhibits & viewing the sharks, fish, coral, etc. We viewed the sharks & other marine life from a 300-foot glass underground tunnel! Such fun! If you're in the area & want to check it out sometime, here is some information on it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

precious blessings...

I am so thankful & blessed right now to be able to stay at home with Parker! We get to play all day (well, most of the day that is!). He makes me laugh by doing the funniest things, by making the cutest expressions and by gabbing away in his own little words!

I am thankful for each of the sweet moments as well as the not so sweet moments that help us to learn and make us stronger. Thankful that Parker is healthy, bright & happy! Thankful that we have each other. Thankful for each new day and every new opportunity! Thankful for our friends & family who love & support us so much! Thankful that God blessed us with this precious baby boy whom Clay & I love beyond words!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

out on the balcony

Parker loves looking out over the balcony at the people, cars, trucks, birds, airplanes and anything else that strikes his fancy!!! :) He's a little mini of his daddy..loves to people watch & so curious and inquisitive about everything!

Cheesy Face!!!

Pointing to the cars down below

"Oh Mama, I know it's raining and 32 degrees out, but please can I stay out a little longer?! And please don't put a coat on me; it takes so long and gets in my way when I try to move and see things!"

How can a mother say no? :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

playground fun

Saturday morning at the park behind our apartment complex -- this was Parker's first time to ever really play at a park. I couldn't believe it was so warm & beautifully sunny outside! Anyway, from the moment we arrived, he started pointing to the playground area where the other kids were. Our little stroll only lasted about 10 minutes before he just couldn't stand it any longer...he wanted to join in on the playground fun! I love this look of him observing the play area & all the kids; can't you just see him mapping out his little plan in his head!!! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of my precious boy! He started carefully going up the wide & short steps for the first time...I turn my back for not even 8 seconds to move the stroller & this is what I see...

...he was making his way up the second level to the tunnel!

He was soooo smiley here in this picture! ...like he had just found a new treasure to play with!

...and off he goes!

So, on Sunday we ventured out again to another park that is right beside out apartment building. This one is particularly nice & BIG...and also always very crowded on pretty days! :) Well, I didn't know how windy & chilly it was when we went out that afternoon; the fact that the wind was constantly blowing our stroller over and was whipping Parker's face so much that he had to hold on to a side bar & close his eyes didn't slow him down for a minute! Bless his heart...he just wanted to play! I gave him as long as I could without feeling like a bad mother for having him out in that heavy wind!!! Now don't get me wrong; there were probably 35 other kids out there but Parker was by far the youngest! What a trooper he was!

Oh spring, come and find us for good! Parker would be forever grateful!!! (And so would his mother! :)

For several weeks now, Parker has been standing by our balcony door by 8:30 each morning pointing to the door handle, looking at me & mumbling, "Mmmm???MMmmmm??" When I shake my head & tell him, "In a little bit!" he plops down onto his little caboose & breaks out into this pitiful cry that makes me feel like the evil mother of the century! My child just wants to be outdoors!!! Now, if it's not wet & cold, I will take him out on the balcony for a few minutes first thing in the morning for a few minutes. However, most mornings are extremely chilly & frosty out on the balcony so we have to get dressed & put shoes on first. :) This weekend was wonderful because we were able to spend so much time outside. Monday & Tuesday were very rainy, so to satisfy his 8:30 craving for the outdoors we went to Lifetime...Parker got to play & make new friends & mama got to work out! We even went on the balcony once Monday later in the day so he could watch the rain -- even though it was too wet for him to be out there! :)

I don't want to wish a single day away, but I have to be honest...I will rejoice when our daily routines include picnics, hikes to new places, trips to the park, swimming in the lakes & late afternoon walks around Apple Valley. Parker will be in his element. That sweet angelic face will light up like birthday candles on a cake & will stare at everything that he passes by with a curiosity like none other! ...And I can't wait to capture those precious expressions by camera! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"date day" with Clay

My hot hubbie!!! :)

Great Clips IMAX Theatre in Apple Valley, MN

On Friday, Clay & I dropped Parker off at daycare just before lunch and prepared to have a few hours of mama & daddy time to ourselves. "What did you do" you ask?

Well, it started with "Under the Sea 3D" at the Great Clips IMAX theatre in Apple Valley. It actually ended up being really cool! I think we were the only couple in the room without kids, but we thoroughly enjoyed it! Who couldn't love the light humor in narrator Jim Carrey's voice as a Sea Dragon & some Sea Lions float by the screen. I tell you what was embarrasing though...when I am jumping out of my seat each time one of those large fish shoots out his razor-like tongue to take in breakfast --Clay, do you remember the names of those fish-- anyway, those things would shoot at you like lightning!!! The kids thought it was hilarious! I just couldn't get it in my head that it was only 3D; they can't REALLY get you! :) Anyway, if you live in the area, I would check it out! It's about a 45 min. clip with cool music, neat video clips & lively narration!
You can get more info about it here.

Next was lunch at Olive Garden (boy, was I craving those breadsticks and that delicious salad...I actually ordered a meal & only ate the salad & breaksticks...the chicken & pasta came home with Parker & me; we enjoyed it on Saturday! :)

After lunch we drove to the bank and then home to take care of some "businessy type stuff." It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you're not running to wipe a nose or to check on the little man every 2 minutes! :) Then of course, it was time to pick up Parker (who was meanwhile having a blast playing with his friends at Kindercare!)

Anyway, I think we should take "date days" more often!!! What do you think, baby?! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

asleep at lunch

Parker was so tired today during lunch that he kept falling asleep while trying to chew his food; it was pitiful! Before taking his shoes off & laying him in his crib, I made sure I took a couple of pics! Now don't be fooled...this active little boy isn't a big napper; he slept solid for a whole 27 minutes! :) Then he was good to go!

It's raining here today; it started yesterday & hasn't stopped as of 3pm. We took off for Lifetime this morning so that Parker could play off some energy & mama could work off those brownies she finished off last night! :)

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

warm weather, strolls, flowers & visits with family

Parker, Rassie, cousin Ashley, great-aunt Val, & cousin Courtney: We had such a fun time getting to visit with our family in Jackson on Tuesday!

Parker, Ashley & Courtney: Parker was mesmorized with Ashley's necklace!

Parker & Granddaddy: Parker had fun while Granddaddy took him for a short walk around the neighborhood in Brandon!

Parker proudly showing us his pecans he had found; he literally spent almost an hour at this little table on the patio area at Grandmother & Granddaddy's playing with pecans and a ceramic flower pot.

Carrie, Grandmother & Parker enjoying the beautiful weather!

...First a tractor...

...and then before you know it... :)

Granny reading to Parker from one of the Little Golden books: My First Counting Book

Papa, Parker & Granny enjoying some sunshine out in the backyard!!! Parker took about 12 steps on his own out here! Yea! Go Parker!

Do you see that big tear on my baby's face? He had fallen on some concrete and skinned some fingers...one of his first "growing scars."

One of my favorite places to go in the summertime in Grenada!!!

Orange coolers from Spencers...they're the best! When I was in the elementary, a friend of the family's --Mrs. Beverly McWilliams--introduced this to me and I have loved it ever since!

We had such a great time seeing friends & family while in MS! The weather was warm & beautiful on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday! It was such a treat to go for walks, eat ice cream, see beautiful green leaves, grass & even flowers blooming!!! It just makes you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying God's creation!

Parker & I had a safe & much easier trip back to MN on Thursday!! Clay was excited to have us home!!!

mississippi fun

Here are some fun pictures from our trip to MS last week! ...more to be posted soon! :)

Parker entertaining himself (and everyone around him!) at the MSP airport on Friday; after 8 hrs of being there I was really impressed with his happy and positive attitude! He must have pushed his stroller around the terminals for at least 2 out of the 9 hours we were there! "Excuse me please! I'm coming through at a fairly quick pace and don't intend to stop!"

"Mama, should we call daddy one more time before we take off?"
(After getting on the plane --it was first delayed for maintenance issues and then because of a crazy lady who was causing problems by going into the cockpit and not staying in her seat after the plane was moving-- it was a good hour and a half of us sitting on the plane before it took off! Parker was a pro though; he played with mama's purse and everything in it and entertained the passengers around him!)

Rassie & Parker before church on Sunday--you probably wouldn't guess that in this picture Parker hasn't eaten in 48hrs (except for Pedialyte), thrown up milk twice (on Saturday morning), and has a double ear infection! Poor baby!!!

Parker & Case having a Sunday afternoon playdate!

Carrie kissing Parker after he has shown her the flower that he picked for her on his stroll through the neighborhood with Rassie!

Is this not the sweetest thing? I almost cried when I saw that pretty flower in his hand with a smile on his face!

Parker got in lots of walking time while in MS!

Monday afternoon with great-grandparents Mama Sam & Shorty. Parker had fun sitting in Mama Sam's lap and eating Sweet Potota Puffs, showing off his walking to his proud great-grandparents, taking a stroll through the wooded neighborhood with Shorty, and getting lots of snuggle time in with the two!

Friday, March 20, 2009

bleach on carpet

Here's is what I have learned you don't want to do if you drip bleach on carpet! :) Do not wet your washcloth or towel and start to scrub ferociously to wipe up the cleaner. It will only spread the bleach! :)

If you spill bleach on your carpet, grab a white towel and immediately press firmly on the spot to get the liquid up and mostly dry then pray that it doesn't turn your tan carpet an ugly purplish, pink color!!! (Thanks for the advice Mom! Wish I had called you 10 minutes earlier!)

Here's a fun picture I thought I would share! Someone has been in the Gerber Graduates Sweet Potato Puffs! ha ha!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Monday, March 16, 2009

airport adventure

Ok, so I almost didn't post this because I can't include my cute pics with this post!!! You'll have to wait until I get back home to see those! Sorry! But, I didn't want to wait another 3 days to do a new entry or I was afraid I would forget some details I wanted to remember about our trip. So, please bear with me as I write this for my memory and for my scrapbooking! :)

Parker & I left for the airport Friday morning to head to MS to visit our friends and family! I had only booked us on one flight (the 11:30 one) because I just knew it was going to be wide open space (when I booked us on it the message said there were 17 seats available which is unheard of...I was definitely not worried about this one!) We got there just in time, walked up to the gate and oh, my goodness I knew we were in trouble. There were sooo many people sitting, standing, waiting...I really didn't think too much about it though until everyone had boarded and the only ones left were like 14 non-revs (including us). Within minutes, the gate agent announced very matter of factly, "I'm sorry, but the flight is full." WHAT?! How could this be? Of all the flights I've booked myself on in the past 6 months or so, this one was the least of my worries! So, next step...call Clay...second step...book myself on all the rest of the flights that were leaving for Memphis that day...next step...call Rassie...(looked at Parker and he was being soooo good -- just looking around and watching people). We walked to the opposite side of the airport (since we had all the time in the world) and decided to enjoy a relaxing lunch at Chili's. Yum! It kept Parker busy and doing something different for an hour and 15 minutes. (I even took pics of my food to show ya'll! :)

After lunch, we went up to the quiet sitting area for about 30 minutes so that I could try and put Parker down for a nap...yeah right! We got up there and there were 2 men painting and running some loud contraption and about 12 other people sitting, napping & talking on their phones! So, Parker man wanted to get out and play; I followed him up and down the little walkway area as he pushed his stroller around. I had to make sure he didn't run into the walls where they were painting...that would not have been good.

We left the quiet sitting area and headed to our next gate which was leaving sometime between 1:30-2:30...I forget. Anyway, we sit and wait...everyone boards and then there are about 7 of us left standing again. Announcement: "Sorry folks, for those of you waiting for an open seat, we are all full." Ok, next plan....Parker is getting tired; he needs to fall asleep. I stroll him around until he falls asleep, bought a Chai Tea latte at Caribou and went to a quiet gate and sat down to read one of my magazines...wonderful quiet moment...that lasted about 25 minutes! Then it was time to head to another gate to get on the 4'oclock something flight. Parker woke up about this time. I knew we were in trouble when we arrived at the gate and they are already announcing that they need 4 volunteers to take a later flight because the flight is oversold. Obviously, we didn't make this one either. At this point, there were 5 of us still waiting patiently :) for a standby flight down to Memphis...and what a crew it was. I can't wait for ya'll to see this picture! Let me describe it for you: Me, Parker, a big black guy (maybe in his 30s) in a wheelchair --he sprained his ankle the day before so now couldn't walk with a huge sense of humor, an older blonde flight attendant (60s maybe)...definitely a wild child and pitching fits on the second flight when a large group of Boy Scouts got on and took her space...whatever!!!...with her interesting son (or son-in-law...not sure about that one). He was wearing scuffed up dress shoes with extremely baggy dress pants (at least 2 -3 sizes too big) with all pockets sticking out, a blue polo work shirt that sported "ABC" Motor Company on it and of course a jacket on top. He had a short bob greasy ponytail, an earring in the nose and I think 1-2 in the ears (can't remember), chomping on gum, and couldn't stand still. He was a very excited guy. (Ok, please don't count my run-on sentences in this entry!!!!) He had apparantly just been to see his 1 year old baby and his "crazy mother." His mom(the flight attendant) and grandfather(who had made it out earlier in the day) had flown out to San Diego with him to see this baby that he has only seen once. So the black guy (can't remember his name) made a deal with the San Diego-hyper-suit dude that if he would push him to the next gate, he could put all of his luggage in his lap. So here we go trudging through the airport (all 5 of us) because we all had to go to the same place and we had all been seeing each other at all the gates throughout the day....we had to talk to each other to get all the scoop on our chances of getting out on this last flight of the day (the 6:50 one). So, the blonde, mom flight attendant thinks this bonding experience is just the coolest thing and is taking pics the whole way through the airport. I was thinking, "what a sight we must be!" :)

Anyway, we got down to our final gate and they switched it on us. 10 minutes later we were headed to a different gate...all the way on the other side of the airport. Nice. Ok, so Parker has been a pro all day...wonderful and sweet, but he's getting a little tired of his seat. So, I got him out and let him push his stroller around the airport near our terminal. He got to know a lot of people during that 40 minutes we waited, and those little legs just walked and walked and walked and walked. He would stop and wave at people, continue on with his pushing and then throw his head back and laugh at something ( i never knew what!) He was quite an amusement for many people that day! :)

Fast forward to flight time (because it's late and I should be in the bed sleeping right now); we made it on the flight...whoohooo! Parker gave up his seat so that the black guy could get on...so the whole gang got on the flight! Whoohoo! Parker sat in my lap! We boarded! Yes! Then there was a maintenance issue; we were delayed for an hour and 15 minutes. We start to taxi out to the runway; a lady goes crazy, jumps out of her seat and lets just say causes big problems....another 20 minute delay. Finally, we're in the air! Whoohooo! Parker & I sat next to a really sweet girl from Memhis and around a fun group of moms, dads and their kids coming back from spring break trips. Fun conversation. We arrived in Memphis a little after 10pm I think, got our luggage (that had arrived at 1pm that afternoon...thank you Lord that it was there!) and hit the road. Pouring down rain the whole way, hadn't had supper so I had mom (Rassie) run through the Chic-fil-a drive-thru :) and then we pull into Grenada around 1:30am. Ugh...so tired. What a long day! 9 whole hours in the airport. Parker was AMAZING! With a double ear infection and all I couldn't believe what a trooper he was! Still really tiring though....glad to finally be in Grenada.

...I would tell you how the trip has been since arriving in Grenada but it's way past my bedtime! Got to get up early in the morning so I'll write more later! Thanks for enduring the long entry!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

that red sofa

One of our favorite spots in our apartment is our living room area. At night, when we're all home together you can often find Clay, Parker & me hanging out in this room. Parker has his little play area, Clay reclines in his chair and I lay out on the couch...ahhh, that red sofa. I fell in love with it when I first laid eyes on it several years ago in Tupelo. My aunt Christy has a warehouse with all sorts of fun goodies...accessories, furniture, jewelry...pretty much anything you can think of. I'm so thankful that before Clay & I got married I went and bought some of our furniture that we have now! Most of our living room area is furnished with items from the warehouse: the red sofa, both of the black end tables, an entry way table that we have up against our other living room wall, a tiered shelving unit, the mirrors behind our kitchen table and much more! I love it!

It's so funny how sometimes one of the very first things I think about & see when I walk in our home from a trip is that red sofa!! I look forward to just plopping down on it and watching a good movie or reading a magazine! It's soooo relaxing and comfortable! :)

What is one of your favorite spots in your home?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

my life in numbers

Since January 1 I've taken 1,736 pictures.
In the past 5 days I've cleaned up throw up 4 times.
Parker has 1 upper molar and 2 bottom ones coming through.
Parker had his first fruity popsicle last night & loved it!
Do an avg of 1 load of laundry per day (except for the last 5 days...I've been doing about 2-3 a day)
Seen my husband 3 out of the last 9 days...miss you baby!
Have 6 things on my to do list that need to be done today....1 checked off so far
Number of naps Parker has taken since Friday: 0
Flown on four flights in the last 6 weeks
Currently have 5 different fruits in our kitchen
Parker is in a size 3 diaper right now.
Parker is wearing 18-24 mos clothes
7: Avg number of minutes I spend in the shower each day
Parker has 2 full blown ear infections right now :(
Usually I only check my voicemail once or twice a week...unless I know it's important (ironic considering I leave such super long voicemails that it will cut me off most of the time! :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

food in the freezer

So yesterday I go downstairs to check our mail and we have a note saying we have a package in the office! I joyfully skipped to my car & drove around to the front building to pick it up! I started squealing as soon as I walked in because I immediately spotted ours...a large styrofoam container...we always know what that means!!! Omaha Steaks from Nana & Poppie!!!

Ever since Clay & I have been married, Nana & Poppie have sent us these care packages from Omaha Steaks with a variety of scrumptious meats, vegetables, desserts, etc. The food is absolutely delicious and easy to prepare! (We also really LOVE unpacking the box & putting everything in our freezer! ha ha!) The freezer goes from empty to full... :)

...I know, I know...we are spoiled by all of our family. I have seriously got the most wonderful and thoughtful in-laws in the world. From day one of meeting them almost exactly 4 years ago, I felt like I was immediately a part of the family. We love it when they get to come to the states and visit us!

So, tonight Clay, Parker & I are having steaks, twice-baked potatoes and green beans for dinner! Ummm..I can't wait to cook this one!

Thank you Nana & Poppie!
Picture: Parker wanting to help put away the yummy food! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Playdates & a movie

This week Parker had several friends come over to play...Miss Bella came and played on Wednesday and James King came on Thursday! What a difference it makes to break up the day by having playdates! For Parker, it's just like you leave the apt and come back to something new! It was so nice for Parker to be able to play with some friends for a bit! And it was fun for Mama because she got to visit with her friends too! :)

James & Parker out on the balcony! They loved being out here looking out at the cars & houses!

What a cheesy grin Mr. Parker! :)

Bella & Parker...I wish I had some cuter pictures of them playing; I have no idea why but I didn't think to take pictures until the end of the day!!!

I didn't realize how long it had been since I had had a movie night with some girlfriends...way too long! I went the other night to see He's Just Not that Into You...definately a chick flick! I took full advantage of girls night out...2 tubs of popcorn, 1 lg coke, and a pack of Starbursts later I was ready to crawl in the bed with a huge smile on my face (& a super full tummy)! I wish I was kidding about the food but I'm seriously not! ha ha! If I had had my camera with me I would have taken a picture! Michelle & Danelle were cracking up over my excitement about eating movie theatre popcorn & candy! I even put extra butter! Real healthy supper, Carrie! The next morning I gladly ran out the door to the gym though...I needed to burn like 3000 calories fast!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mama!

My mom is an elementary school teacher & I love getting to hear funny stories and phrases that her kids say! The children were all excited about her birthday and wanted to know how old she was. She smiled and said, "Now boys, there is something you must know. There are two things you can never ask a lady no matter how old she is. One is her age and the other is her weight."

Then she looked at the children and replied, "But I will tell you that I am 39 and holding."

With a confused look on their faces, the kids asked what that meant.

Mama said, "Well, what that means is that once you get to the age of 39, you quit counting!"

And one of the little boys looked at her so seriously and replied, "But Mrs. Jones, I thought you were like 50?"

I love you so much Mama! Happy Birthday!

Monday, March 2, 2009

i don't ever want to forget...

-The sweet smile that you share with us when you are 110% happy with the world!
-Your looks of curiosity
-Watching you think & ponder
-the feeling I get when you lay your head on my shoulder when you're sleepy
-the way you smell after your bath
-the way your face lights up and the way your mouth makes an "O" excited expression when we give you goldfish for a snack or you hear your bath water running after dinner
-the way your face lights up the room when your daddy walks in the door from a trip & how you will not let him put you down for hours afterwards!
-the way you will let anyone pick you up and play with you
-your easy-going & content nature
-the way your little body looks in your pjs...fitted little sleeves with a tummy pooching and a thick diaper making your bottom stick out so your little legs look even more tiny

-how you'll walk to mama & daddy not holding on to anything but you want something to hold on to if you walk anywhere else
-your cheesy grins when you know you're being silly
-how when mama & daddy laugh you start laughing just because you want to
-how it doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing, but as long as you're in the room with someone, you're happy
-watching you eat your meat & veggies and how you sort your food on your tray
-the way you're learning that if you pout to mama she will pick you up no matter what just to make sure that nothing is seriously wrong
-the way you love being outside
-watching you play with your hair when you're sleepy
-your sweet laugh

-watching you play your heart out!
-how you love giving mama & daddy kisses
-your gorgeous long eyelashes
-how my heart breaks any time you cry even if it's over little things
-how angelic you look when you sleep
-how cute you are when you are trying to dance
-how independent & determined you are about certain things
-how warm you are & how your sweet breath smells when I sneak you in the bed with me early some mornings

how much love I have for you at this very moment!!!!
Love, Mama