Saturday, March 21, 2009

mississippi fun

Here are some fun pictures from our trip to MS last week! ...more to be posted soon! :)

Parker entertaining himself (and everyone around him!) at the MSP airport on Friday; after 8 hrs of being there I was really impressed with his happy and positive attitude! He must have pushed his stroller around the terminals for at least 2 out of the 9 hours we were there! "Excuse me please! I'm coming through at a fairly quick pace and don't intend to stop!"

"Mama, should we call daddy one more time before we take off?"
(After getting on the plane --it was first delayed for maintenance issues and then because of a crazy lady who was causing problems by going into the cockpit and not staying in her seat after the plane was moving-- it was a good hour and a half of us sitting on the plane before it took off! Parker was a pro though; he played with mama's purse and everything in it and entertained the passengers around him!)

Rassie & Parker before church on Sunday--you probably wouldn't guess that in this picture Parker hasn't eaten in 48hrs (except for Pedialyte), thrown up milk twice (on Saturday morning), and has a double ear infection! Poor baby!!!

Parker & Case having a Sunday afternoon playdate!

Carrie kissing Parker after he has shown her the flower that he picked for her on his stroll through the neighborhood with Rassie!

Is this not the sweetest thing? I almost cried when I saw that pretty flower in his hand with a smile on his face!

Parker got in lots of walking time while in MS!

Monday afternoon with great-grandparents Mama Sam & Shorty. Parker had fun sitting in Mama Sam's lap and eating Sweet Potota Puffs, showing off his walking to his proud great-grandparents, taking a stroll through the wooded neighborhood with Shorty, and getting lots of snuggle time in with the two!

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