Monday, September 16, 2013

his first day of Kindergarten

I can't believe my baby is old enough to be starting Kindergarten. I've known for years though that when the day came, Parker would be nothing but foot paused for mom to take her picture and one foot aimed right for the door. Ready to take on Kindergarten with enthusiasm and confidence. :) We started the day off right with a healthy and filling breakfast of eggs, toast and fruit, while filling our souls with a short devotion time...and then we were off. I snapped every picture that I could and got as many hugs and kisses as allowed before walking away from my child, who had the sweetest and seemingly excited expression on his face as he sat down at his new seat at his assigned table.
After Parker's first day, his daddy and I asked him what his favorite part about it was. His response: eating lunch in the cafeteria. :) Most other days since then he has told us that playing outside has been his favorite part of Kindergarten. I believe he truly loves it all though. Both of his teachers have come up to me and said that numerous times throughout several of the first days he would approach them with a hug and say, "I love Kindergarten. It's so much fun." Hearing that gives me a happy happy heart. When Clay and I asked him if he had made some special friends he told us no...that everyone in the class was his new friend.
Always keep that cheerful attitude and sweet heart, Parker. Love others as you love yourself. Listen well and ask lots of questions. Dream BIG. Your Daddy and I love you always. Be a Light for Him forever and always. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

his first day of Preschool

My baby has started Preschool. Last Tuesday, I dropped him off at his all-day preschool trying hard to hold back the tears. I knew he would be excited and totally into all the activities once we left and he got settled, but saying bye was hard "cause I no like you weave!" The last several months, Cooper no likes anyone leaving. ;)

He was happy to put his new "school blankie" from Rassie in his very own locker/cubby. The blue Buzz and Woody backpack that he's carrying is the same one that his brother had for his first day of Preschool/daycare.

After we picked Cooper up after school on Day 1 and asked him how his first day at Preschool went, he said, "I no like!" When we asked him why, he responded (with his right hand pointer finger up in the air), "Cause da teacher told me Shhh!" hahaha! Love love.

He is actually doing very well and the teachers say he is having a blast...after the first few minutes of drop off that is. :) One of my favorite parts at the end of the day is when I walk back into his classroom and he gets this huge grin on his face and runs into my arms. I LOVE that he is so happy to see me and doesn't want to let go of me until we get to the car (where his blankie and "B" are waiting for him! ha!).

Monday, September 2, 2013

MN State Fair 2013

What would a summer be without our traditional Minnesota State Fair excursion?! This is the first year that we have ventured to it without the accompanient of our friends. Click for previous years: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009. Clay kept asking me if I had contacted anyone, and each time I laughed and said it was on my never-ending "to do" list and it obviously had, unfortunately, not made top priority. :( We missed everyone this year but still had a wonderful as a family getting to play and eat lots of fair food!
Cooper was continously happy because, well, he was constantly being fed! lol. Corndogs, strawberries and cream, fries, Hawaiian shaved ice, popcorn, Sweet Martha's cookies, a slice of pizza, and tater logs. Did I forget anything? I think I was the only one who changed the tradition by not opting for my typical picks...the thought of all the fried foods didn't settle too well with me this year so I stuck to my apple, a couple of tater logs, strawberries and cream and of course, some sweet Martha cookies! The boys inhaled everything else for me quite happily. :)

The weather was nice: cool and sunny. Quite a few people, but not enough to drive us crazy until later in the day. And with a wide stroller device like ours, it's quite easy to part the thick waters of crowds. ;)
We spent a fair amount of time watching the horses in the arena this year and the remaining time was spent "playing with big boy toys." We had to sit on, look at and/or pretend to drive every truck, tractor, digger, 4-wheeler, mower, gator, and front-end loader that we passed. I am so not joking.

We ended the day late afternoon by slurping down some Hawaiian Shaved Ice and then headed for the buses to get these boys home, bathed and ready for a first day of Preschool and also for Kindergarten Assessment day. I can't believe my babies are growing up as fast as they are. Just glancing back at pictures of them last year sent me into a tearful reality of how fleeting our days are and how much they have changed in the last 365 days. Wow. They truly are no longer babies. They are little boys!!! Busy, busy little boys at that. :)