Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fair, Food and Friends '11

We didn't realize until we were walking into the gates that we were ALL dressed in green...seriously. Clay thought it was smart. I thought it was cheesy.

1st time on the giant carpet slide...gets an A+ from Parker and me.

I would recommend taking your biggest, widest stroller to the State Fair. It's definitely the way to go. The crowds part when they catch a glance of these things...just be careful going through the barns  :)

...always a favorite of Parker's...big trucks and big machinery

Clay has introduced me to Lemon Lime Hawaiian Shaved Icee's. New favorite.

Minnesota State Fair - Take 2
Friends of ours flew in from Chicago during the second weekend of the State Fair so we met up with them on Labor Day Weekend for more fun!!! I prayed that my husband would not get called out to fly that day so that I would not be stuck with the stroller, 2 kids and the bags by myself. Prayer answered.

You don't come to the fair without leaving with a face filled with chocolate! Martha's Cookies are a must-have. "Hmmm, I wonder what I should get into next..that water fountain over there or the chicks in the barn. Why not both?!"

Eleanor, we miss you sweet girl!! Tell your mommy and daddy to come visit us again soon!

How do 3 guys manage to bring back enough food for 8 people without spilling anything?
Answer: see below (sadly, this was not all of the food...for lunch)

= Good times.

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