Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet my new friend, Liz.

Meet my new friend.

It was 2007. I was re-discovering my passion for scrapbooking and photography (after a 2 year hiatus). I was given a Creating Keepsakes magazine by a friend. Inside the magazine, was this spread about the most recent Scrapbooker of the Year, Elizabeth Kartchner. CK posted a link to her blog. I had never been to a blog before (didn't really understand what they were.) And then I went to Liz's...I was hooked immediately. I appreciated this girl's passion for life and her amazing creativity inside and outside the home....she was adorable! Additionally, I noticed several similarities between the two of of which was that her father had passed away due to a lifelong battle of diabetes, much like my daddy. I don't know at that time if it was that, the adorable scrapbooking pages that she often posted, or the "mommyhood" moments that frequented her posts that kept me coming back daily. Maybe all of the above plus some.

To this day, her cute little self and precious family are one of my favorite reasons to visit her blog. I have often thought, "If we lived closer we would be such good friends. I would love to meet her one of these days." (in a totally non-weird, non-stalker kind of way) ;)

Fast forward to this past weekend. My boys needed clothes. Mall of America, here we come! And guess who I got to meet and visit with! :) Liz was teaching at Scrapfest at the Mall of America this past weekend. On top of a brief visit on Saturday (that I would have loved to have continued for 2 hours!), I was able to drive her to the airport on Sunday. After dropping her off and bidding her a safe flight...and encouraging her to stop for a little chocolate along the way, :) I left for home smiling because I had a new friend.

Her name is Liz and she is Amazing!
photo credit: collin kartchner

Liz, I am so thankful to have finally met you face to face. You are even cuter and more fun in person (who would have ever thought that to be possible?!). You know, you always have a place to stay up North if you find your way to our little area of the country again. We could eat chocolate, talk about kids stuff, and scrapbooking, and photography, and random things...If we ever plan a trip out y'alls way, I'll be sure to give you a call. Would love to book your talented hubby for a session of family photos and a video. Hmmm...maybe I could start sweet-talking Clay into a weekend trip in the near future...I'll work on that :)
I am so glad God enabled our paths to cross.
Until next time...
(at least we have our blogs...and facebook...and twitter...and email...and snail mail...and the telephone ;))
Take care, girl.

Check out Liz's website at and her Dear Lizzy line at American Crafts. She also has a book out through Creating Keepsakes that is incredible for some quick, crafty inspiration.


Ann Marie said...

Ahhh, so jealous! I am a huge fan of Liz's and I wanted to meet her so bad. I've thought the very same things --- that I need to move to Utah! Glad you had such a great experience!

carrie said...

She is such a sweetheart! :) We'll have to somehow convince her to bring her little family up here for a visit...hmmm...maybe we could persuade her with a few boxes of Mint flavored oreos... ;)