Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ear infections, two year molars, the pick-and-choose strategy, and Pink Daisy Cheeks!

Been spending lots of cuddle time with this little fellow over the last several days. After a trip to urgent care on Friday, we discovered he has a right ear infection (this would make ear infection number three since the first of May....tubes are coming in the near future!).

Additionally, his two year molars are coming through and he is going through a "mommy only-and-if-mommy-is-not-there, daddy-will-sometimes-do" phase. It is a sweet and cherished phase, but some days leave me quite tired from it. :) Parker never went through this to the extreme that Cooper is now. His bubba is down in Texas staying with his grandparents for a week of fun and excitement, so it has been just the two of us having special Cooper and mommy time. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be at home with him during this phase of needing me around a bit more. A few months ago, I would not have been able to give him extra care throughout the days. I love being able to give him extra snuggles and kisses. The other night (one that I remember being particular exhausted on) as I was carrying him up the stairs to put him to bed, as he had one arm draped over my shoulder and around my neck he said over and over, "appy, appy, appy" (for "happy"). He put his two chubby little hands on either side of my faced and kissed me twice emphasizing the "Mwaaah! Mwaah!" as he smooched me. Now that can make a tired mommy smile.
I had to laugh the other day as we were fixing our lunches. My plate and Cooper's dish were side by side and I had a chair pulled up next to me for him to help place the items on the plates (which was hilarious because I knew none of the food would actually make it to the plates if I handed anything to him. It would either go in his mouth or back on the counter in rejection. ha ha!) After I had everything on the plates, I grabbed up the cold foods and took them to the fridge. When I returned the 2 steps to the counter where Cooper and the plates were, I noticed that the food was arranged a little differently on each of the plates. All of my grapes were gone, his plate had all the yellow peppers and I now had possession of his two turkey sticks. The little stinker had picked and chosen only the items he wanted on his plate. Apparantly, we think we are able to get away with the "pick and choose" strategy at meal times. Sorry, but the cuteness factor does not work that way with me, my little mr mr. Not usually anyway. :)

He is certainly keeping his mama busy these days!
Below is just one example of why I usually don't turn my back on this child for a minute...Disaster is guaranteed to strike.

This morning, disaster almost happened in the form of Mary Kay lipstick all over my downstairs living room. I emphasize the word almost because thankfully, the only place the lipstick ended up was on Cooper's sweet cheeks. I literally half-turned my back to him for a second and this was the result...Gingerbread, Pink Daisy and Apricot Glaze cheeks. Thank you Lord that it didn't get all over my white carpet.

Meanwhile, down in Texas...

Swimming, hanging out with Nana, Poppie, KK and CiCi, and even a first time event to the Ringling Brothers Circus. We're missing him but I'm not very sure that he is missing us!! ha ha! We love you Parker!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Stay in Mississippi

for a wedding to celebrate a special couple...

...and to see other very special people in our lives.

We got back mid-week from our 12 day visit to Mississippi; I am still trying to unpack and get caught up with a number of things around our place, plus go through all 891 pictures that I took while down South. Back soon with LOTS of pictures and updates! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Yea America!!!"

When Parker was little, this thing was started where whenever he saw an American flag he would proclaim, "Yea America!!" Well, a few weeks ago, we were out driving and saw a flag to which we all said happily, "Yea America!" The cutest thing happened next when Cooper excitedly yelled, "KiKah!" (pronounced "Keekah" for America). That phrase has been an on-going theme in our family conversations during drive time lately.

Between the "Kikah" exclamations hollered out every other block while driving around town, the Independence Day celebration events scheduled to take place in our new community and the adorable patriotic pinwheels I picked up for the kids, I was giddy over celebrating the 4th of July. We had heard amazing things about the 3 day events in this town and new it would be worth checking out with friends! The nice thing about the events were that they were all within walking distance from our home! Yes! Love it! Monday, early evening, I strolled the kids over to the Family Night Carnival where they had discounted rides available. Though we just rode on a few amusement  rides, the kids LOVED it! Cooper rode on the carousel and the cars with Parker. Parker also rode a few others that were a little more big-boyish for Cooper. Afterwards, I treated the boys to Smoothies. It was a great way to almost end the day. :)

Wednesday, Clay and the kids and I headed out for the parade. Oh boy. Heat wave. And I do not mean Minnesota hot; I mean Mississippi humidity hot. I could not believe it when I walked outside. Where am I? Seriously, I didn't think Minnesota could reach these temps! Of course, I have some memory (that being and understatement of course!) of the first 22 years of my life and the high temps that my body was used to enduring during July, but my boys were born in the North. You could tell they are totally not used to this! ha ha! As much fun as it was, it totally wiped them out in minutes!

We settled into our little spot on the corner of the street and pulled out the cool water bottles, the Mickey Mouse fan, and our spray bottles for misting. Shades, sunscreen and hats were not enough for this kind of heat.

Yes, we stayed hydrated. Forget the candy and just throw me the popsicles (which a number of parade floats did...thank you for that!!!)

We met some friends and their kids out at the parade and then afterwards headed back to our place for grilling out hot dogs and hamburgers. Following supper, we ran outside to have fun with a few sparklers! The temps had dropped slightly so the kids were much more ready to play and get moving then they had been earlier in the day.

Katie and Ryan, plus their kiddos, Blake and Brynn, came to play with us today. We had such a fun time with the Munsons. Look at how adorable Blake is:

...and Miss Brynn with her sweet mama..
We did attempt multiple family shots, but with it being later in the evening, all the kids were past done. It was hilarious to look back at the outtakes from that night...Katie had such a great attitude about it though. She, at the end, just threw her hands out in the air, made a silly exasperated face and posed for the camera as if to say, " Well, this is us. Take it or leave it!" Have I mentioned how much I love this sweet family?!
What a great way to spend the 4th!
I am so very thankful for the men who fight for our freedom each and every day.
Praying for those who do not have freedom like we do and thanking God for the days like today with my family where we can wholeheartedly with a huge smile proclaim, "Yea America!" and truly mean it.
What an amazing country we live in.
What great opportunities lie within each and every day for us.
"Yea America!!!"