Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Applewood Orchard - it's Apple Pickin' Time!

This past weekend we headed out early Saturday morning for Applewood Orchard. We met friends Jami and Tom and their sweet girls Greta and Hannah. I was so excited to be able to spend the morning outside picking apples with my boys! ...and get some cute pictures. :) And did I get some good pictures? Well, they weren't exactly what I was going for but they make me smile because it's so them. ha ha!
Cooper was all into crawling on the "hay mountain." Parker wanted to jump off the pile of hay. And crawl and jump they did...

I so desperately wanted to get that "perfect and precious" picture of them together sitting in the hay flashing their big adorable you can see, that did not exactly happen. However, I have to admit, the photos do make me laugh because they are true representation of our day...busy, busy into play and uninterested in posing for pictures. ;)

After about 16 more attempts I decided that was enough of that...time to start pickin' some apples!

(I am aware that my youngest is not wearing shoes...we are working on that. It's actually hard to quickly find little boys shoes! Any suggestions? We always got Parker's from Stride Rite but the nearest Stride Rite is not exactly convenient for us to visit so I've been looking elsewhere...very disappointed with Target's two options for boys. Ideas?)

We were lucky we came home with any apples.

I almost posted our family outtakes, since they were quite the entertainment for us when I scrolled through them on Sunday, but decided the ones of the boys in the hay were enough. :) The one below was the best one. (It's actually pretty good of the boys. I think it's more of the "ahem" baby fat middle on the mama that made me not so very happy about this picture. We're working on that..well, not actively yet, but soon...very soon.) :)

One of the highlights of Applewood Orchard is their scrumptious "Apple Doughnuts." Mmmmm..

So thankful for the time to be able to get outdoors and enjoy the cool, fall weather. It seems to be passing us by quickly. I plan on sitting down tomorrow and making my Fall Bucket list for the remainder of the season. So fun!

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