Thursday, September 3, 2009

MN State Fair 2009

Today, Parker & I met Michelle & Bella at the Minnesota State Fair for a good morning of fun! This was Parker's first year to go so I was excited to view his reaction to everything!

We started out by landing a GREAT, FREE parking spot (even though when we arrived we had no idea where we were going or where to park!) Michelle & I passed the main entrance to the fair & turned at the crossway of Snelling & Como. After driving down a little ways past some homes we parked out on the street & walked back towards the fair. It was a gorgeous day out so the 1/4 - 1/2 mile walk was nice!

I would suggest if you park out that way taking the back entrance (which is the first entrance you come to as you're walking to the fair). It was soooo less crowded than the main entrance & there is a very nice bathroom right as you walk in to the left that is perfect for changing diapers & such! You are also right there by the Livestock Barns & animal exhibits! This was the first thing that we took the kids to...Parker & Bella were able to see cows, horses, pigs, & sheep. They didn't pet them this year so I didn't take a lot of pictures of us with the animals! :) Maybe next year! We did spend a large majority of our morning seeing all the animals though!

We actually didn't take the kids on any rides...they were happy wandering around the fair & observing all the sights & people! Actually...

When we pulled up in front of the Bobcat exhibit, I thought Parker wanted to get out because of all the bright colored fairground rides he saw across the street. I should have known...

This is where Parker & Bella spent the next half hour... "forget the rides, just let me drive one of these things!"

One of the highlights of the day was getting to try Sweet Martha's cookies that are infamous in MN. I have been hearing about these delicious treats ever since we moved here our first year! And now I can say, I know why they are famous! We purchased a heaping cone filled with the yummy cookies, & I can't say that many made it home! I was good though, I saved several for hubby! He was so proud...he knows that when it comes to anything with chocolate, I'm weak! :)

What goes perfect with chocolate chip cookies? Some good cold milk!! Loved this deal: "All you can drink milk for $1" You just had to save your cup & then could have it refilled as many times as needed. Parker & I inhaled our was the best tasting milk I ever remember having -- cold, sweet & creamy. good!

The kids were both worn out when we left so naps were in order as soon as we made it home this afternoon. I'm so glad we ended up going this year! It was the perfect weather for a day out at the fair!

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