Monday, September 7, 2009

have you seen this before?

Look familiar to some of you out there?! On Sunday, Parker sported one of his daddy's childhood outfits to church & I must say it was adorable! His spunky little nature made the morning & moments even more perfect!

I wish I had a scanner so I could put Clay & Parker's pictures side by side...there is definitely more than a slight resemblance of the two! It only took about 7 attempts with daddy's iphone to get Parker to stand still for 2.2 seconds for this photo! I am soooo thankful we captured it!


Jami said...

Cute picture. He looks all business, posing so formally! I bet he does look just like Clay as a toddler.

GrannieT said...

Oh Carrie, He is sooo adorable! I smocked this shirt for Clay. It is from a pattern that Clay pointed to as if he was choosing it - that is how I picked which one to make! I bought the short pants - they are wool and will need to be dry cleaned! Clay did complain about them "itching" him. I could not hold back tears when I found this picture of Parker - He looks so much like Clay.

carrie said...

The outfit is just adorable Granny! We are so thankful to have them here so that Parker can enjoy them too! I wish I could smock cute outfits like that! :) You are so talented!!!