Friday, September 11, 2009

18 month pics & what he is enjoying now at 20 mos!

Pictures taken at 18 months (July):
We recently got back Parker's 18 month pictures that I have been meaning to post...hope you enjoy! These were some of our favorites!

Yesterday, Parker turned 20 months! We took a special walk to the nearby took us almost 40 minutes to get there & about 30 minutes to walk back to the apartment, so the actual time at the park was cut short by a little bit. :) When you are stopping to sit down on the sidewalk every 4 steps to play with a ladybugs and/or rocks, naturally it would take a wee bit longer to make the journey to the playground!! We had such a fun & relaxing time though; on the way home we walked a different way so that we could stop & watch the ducks in the nearby pond. Parker got a kick out of watching them bob their tails up & down in the water as they looked for food!

These last several weeks, I have felt an overwhelming amount of love towards our precious son. He amazes and inspires me every day. Parker keeps Clay & me in stitches from the constant laughter he provides...and oh, the sweet, adorable, innocent (and not-so-innocent!) can you not turn your head to keep from smiling.

Parker is continuing to learn new words (especially since we aren't using our "Na Nu," aka the paci, quite as much!) and basically comprehends everything that we seem to tell him or ask him to do. We are thankful that he is the champion eater that he is...he eats everything from broccoli, cauliflower & blackberries to red peppers, fish & squash. So far, there is nothing he has refused (I hope that will continue as he gets older! ;)). Parker looks and acts like such a little man now. He is growing up way too fast for his mommy & daddy!

Some of his favorite things are trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, tractors, diggers & basically anything that will GO!!! I think it will be a fun Christmas! :) It all started with a My Small Board Book of Vehicles that the Nolen's bought for him when he was a little tot...this became one of his favorites a few months ago! Then we noticed that as we were driving anywhere, he would always point out the airplanes, motorcycles, construction trucks, etc. etc. etc. (Right now, there is a lot of construction going on around this area so that's convenient for us in a way! :))

Our little boy loves to explore new things outside... play in the grass & climb rocks! Parker loves to kick balls around balls, bouncy balls, baseballs...whatever is within his reach! He likes to give mama & daddy lots of hugs & kisses. Parker has recently discovered piggy-back riding which he thinks is very fun! He likes to read books after a hard day of play & is also very good at putting his puzzles together. Parker also is always interested in just about whatever you are doing; he loves to watch mama vacuum, cook supper, pick up around the house (his favorite thing to do while I'm working on some of those things is to go in the laundry room, get the swiffer mop & pretend to mop..the kitchen & the carpet! :))
Each day is a brand new adventure for our small family & we are loving it!

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