Tuesday, September 15, 2009

let the world rejoice...carrie has a new camera!! :)

I have a camera!!! This past weekend, Clay went and got me one! Thank you baby! (I think he was a little tired of me whining about moments missed...Me to Clay: "I wish you could have seen what Parker did this afternoon. It was so cool! Unfortunately, I didn't have any way to capture it & show it to you..." :) No, but I think he's actually excited for us to have one too! He asked me yesterday why I hadn't taken more pics with it! (we had been to the bank, Target & the gym! My man is sooooo learning!) ha ha! You gotta love it! I can't wait to show lots of fun, new pictures soon!
Here's one just in case you've missed seeing him these last 3 days!! (His eyes are closed, but I love his expression in this one...classic Parker smile as he's trying to run off before mom can get the picture!)

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