Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Weekend Update

An update on our life...

Yesterday, Clay, Parker & I enjoyed a nice morning outing at Como Zoo. We met up with Michelle & Bella & their friends, Carol & her daughter Sophie. Last time we went to Como Zoo we did everything but the rides. Yesterday, all we did was let the kids play on the kiddie rides. Sooo much fun to watch their expressions as they hopped from ride to ride! They rode Alladin, the race cars, the horse ride, the train and a couple of others. These rides were specifically designed for older infants & toddlers so parents weren't even allowed to ride them with their children. It was Parker's first time to ride a ride by himself! I was so proud....I didn't even cry! ha ha!

He was sooo cute in the cars...that & the train were his two favorites! You could fit 4 in each car & there was a steering wheel at each place. The cars went round & around in circles like a merry-go-round. The train was this adorable little ride on tracks that looped all around a scenic area of the park. It was a "relaxing-sit-back-and-enjoy-the-breeze" type ride...and that is just what Parker did! I wish I could have captured his sweet expression as he was going around & around so happily & content on the rides! If you had seen it, I can promise you that you would have thought, "Awww, let me just hold you & eat your sweet little self up!" :) It was really special for Clay & me to see! Ok, I had to have my mommy moment..on to a new subject!

Afterwards, we went home for lunch & then left to do some shopping for Parker at the mall (he had no long pants for this friends & family from the South will be horrified! But don't worry...if the weather had turned cold on us we would have had plenty of blankets to keep warm until shopping time! Clay & Rassie, do you remember last May?) :)

There were some amazing Labor Day Weekend deals out there! My favorite deal of the day was his Old Navy jeans: regular price $16.50 Sale price $11 plus a 10% coupon!!! Total price: $9.90

I think Parker's favorite part of the mall was the kid's area outside of Old Navy where they had the coolest cars set up for kids to play in, on & around! Looking at them, they resemble a hard coated plastic of some sort, but when you feel the cars, they are somewhat soft. I think they are made out of some kind of styrofoam with some type of thick plastic shrinkwrap on top. Clay was so impressed with them I think if there had been any sort of advertisements for the products, he would have gone off & bought one right away!

We met some friends for dinner & the kids had a BLAST here!

Today, we have an eventful day planned as a family...gym, birthday party, grocery, & a few other random things! My back-up camera (Clay's old one), the one I have been using since my camera was stolen in Mexico, went kerplunk on me Thursday. (not a good kerplunk!) Until Clay talked to Michelle to make sure I hadn't purposefully broken the camera, I think he wondered if I had done something to it just so I could get a new camera (based on this summer's luck with cameras!) :) I PROMISE I didn't! Clay & I have been fooling with it since then to see if we can salvage it but it's not looking so good. If you don't see quite as many pics up here over the next several days it's because I'm camera-less!!! (hence the lack of pictures on this post! ) Good for everyone else in the world who is tired of seeing me behind a camera...NOT GOOD for me!!! We'll figure out something soon though...

I hope that everyone has a relaxing & fun weekend! :) It's gorgeous here, so we'll be spending as much time outside as possible!

...random note: clay is eating his lunch & just got really excited because "Hellfighters" with John Wayne is of his favorite childhood movies. We learn new things every day about our loved ones don't we?! (he is still telling me a story about this movie as I type this!) :)

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