Tuesday, September 8, 2009

thoughts over the weekend

I have so many things I can/want/need to do, but for some reason I'm deciding to blog instead! Parker is napping, so why not? This weekend was interesting..sooo nice to be with at home with Clay & Parker & have some fun events planned but it seemed like in between all the exciting times, negative things were thrown in my face! Ever have days or weeks like that?

Yesterday, I was so ready to start today! This morning was such a blessing though! Parker slept till 6:50am & was such a cutie! We snuggled & cuddled for a bit, laundry was started by 7:10, good breakfast, dishes put away, dressed & ready to hit the gym by 8:45.

This weekend, I was really upset about not having a camera & the news that Ritz Camera hit me with was an even bigger bummer-- as of this year, camera companies are no longer making the classic point-and-shoot cameras that will take pics of anything. Each small camera will have specific purposes & features; for example, you will not be able to take pics of the beach with the same camera that you take a group picture of. Landscape, portraits, action shots, etc. will all require a different camera. Smart marketing on their part..not good for everyone else in the world who wants a camera. Now the average household will have 6 cameras (according to the "photography polls") &/or an SLR...the type camera I've been dreaming about for some time now. Ritz Camera has already phased out the "classic" point & shoots so Clay said we would go look at Best Buy when he gets back from his trip. So....word to the wise...if you currently don't like your camera or don't have one, buy a point & shoot NOW before the warehouses are empty; otherwise, you can plan on buying 3-4 in 2010. The SLR camera that I have been looking at for some time has been phased out & a new one will stock the shelves by the end of this month. In other words, the price of the SLR has just gone up (the one I would now get is more expensive than the one that is being discontinued)...not good for me in getting one of those right now.

After having a slight pity party for myself, I decided it was pathetic to mope around & that it was time to be thankful for the wonderful blessings & things that I do have. Here is just a small list of what I thanked God for as I fell asleep last night:

Precious family & friends
A loving & compassionate husband
a warm bed
Good food & the ability to cook & try new recipes
my health & my family's health
the photographs & albums I do have of my family & friends
good memories
being able to stay at home with Parker right now
Minnesota's Summer & Fall
Parker's smile & youthful innocence
little blessings upon blessings that God gives us each & every day
the forgiveness & love that God shows us each & every day (even when we fail or choose to pity ourselves for no important reasons! :))
...and then of course, because of the mood I was in I went into more specific things such as "my special chocolate" & my vintage children's books.. :) I won't list out everything...I think this entry is long enough!

Thanks for letting me share my feelings...hope this didn't get too long or boring! I am now off to get some stuff done before the little man wakes up! :)
Here's a fun picture from the archives...how can it not make you smile?!

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Jami said...

Ohhh, that's so sad and crazy about the camera. I was hoping to see a post soon about the new purchase:) Any chance of getting a used one from a photographer or from ebay/craiglist I wonder?