Wednesday, March 25, 2009

playground fun

Saturday morning at the park behind our apartment complex -- this was Parker's first time to ever really play at a park. I couldn't believe it was so warm & beautifully sunny outside! Anyway, from the moment we arrived, he started pointing to the playground area where the other kids were. Our little stroll only lasted about 10 minutes before he just couldn't stand it any longer...he wanted to join in on the playground fun! I love this look of him observing the play area & all the kids; can't you just see him mapping out his little plan in his head!!! :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of my precious boy! He started carefully going up the wide & short steps for the first time...I turn my back for not even 8 seconds to move the stroller & this is what I see...

...he was making his way up the second level to the tunnel!

He was soooo smiley here in this picture! he had just found a new treasure to play with!

...and off he goes!

So, on Sunday we ventured out again to another park that is right beside out apartment building. This one is particularly nice & BIG...and also always very crowded on pretty days! :) Well, I didn't know how windy & chilly it was when we went out that afternoon; the fact that the wind was constantly blowing our stroller over and was whipping Parker's face so much that he had to hold on to a side bar & close his eyes didn't slow him down for a minute! Bless his heart...he just wanted to play! I gave him as long as I could without feeling like a bad mother for having him out in that heavy wind!!! Now don't get me wrong; there were probably 35 other kids out there but Parker was by far the youngest! What a trooper he was!

Oh spring, come and find us for good! Parker would be forever grateful!!! (And so would his mother! :)

For several weeks now, Parker has been standing by our balcony door by 8:30 each morning pointing to the door handle, looking at me & mumbling, "Mmmm???MMmmmm??" When I shake my head & tell him, "In a little bit!" he plops down onto his little caboose & breaks out into this pitiful cry that makes me feel like the evil mother of the century! My child just wants to be outdoors!!! Now, if it's not wet & cold, I will take him out on the balcony for a few minutes first thing in the morning for a few minutes. However, most mornings are extremely chilly & frosty out on the balcony so we have to get dressed & put shoes on first. :) This weekend was wonderful because we were able to spend so much time outside. Monday & Tuesday were very rainy, so to satisfy his 8:30 craving for the outdoors we went to Lifetime...Parker got to play & make new friends & mama got to work out! We even went on the balcony once Monday later in the day so he could watch the rain -- even though it was too wet for him to be out there! :)

I don't want to wish a single day away, but I have to be honest...I will rejoice when our daily routines include picnics, hikes to new places, trips to the park, swimming in the lakes & late afternoon walks around Apple Valley. Parker will be in his element. That sweet angelic face will light up like birthday candles on a cake & will stare at everything that he passes by with a curiosity like none other! ...And I can't wait to capture those precious expressions by camera! :)

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