Saturday, March 21, 2009

warm weather, strolls, flowers & visits with family

Parker, Rassie, cousin Ashley, great-aunt Val, & cousin Courtney: We had such a fun time getting to visit with our family in Jackson on Tuesday!

Parker, Ashley & Courtney: Parker was mesmorized with Ashley's necklace!

Parker & Granddaddy: Parker had fun while Granddaddy took him for a short walk around the neighborhood in Brandon!

Parker proudly showing us his pecans he had found; he literally spent almost an hour at this little table on the patio area at Grandmother & Granddaddy's playing with pecans and a ceramic flower pot.

Carrie, Grandmother & Parker enjoying the beautiful weather!

...First a tractor...

...and then before you know it... :)

Granny reading to Parker from one of the Little Golden books: My First Counting Book

Papa, Parker & Granny enjoying some sunshine out in the backyard!!! Parker took about 12 steps on his own out here! Yea! Go Parker!

Do you see that big tear on my baby's face? He had fallen on some concrete and skinned some of his first "growing scars."

One of my favorite places to go in the summertime in Grenada!!!

Orange coolers from Spencers...they're the best! When I was in the elementary, a friend of the family's --Mrs. Beverly McWilliams--introduced this to me and I have loved it ever since!

We had such a great time seeing friends & family while in MS! The weather was warm & beautiful on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday! It was such a treat to go for walks, eat ice cream, see beautiful green leaves, grass & even flowers blooming!!! It just makes you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying God's creation!

Parker & I had a safe & much easier trip back to MN on Thursday!! Clay was excited to have us home!!!


Buddy Pender said...

I just love your blog!! It is such a wonderful way to keep up with your everyday life! The photos were great! So enjoyed our visit while you were home! Just think next time will be Taylor's graduation! Much love to you all! Anne

AshleyMarie said...

I love Parker's airplane outfit!!! That is so cute! I hope I get to meet him in person soon. Thanks so much for dropping byt! We hope to see more of ya'll!