Monday, March 2, 2009

i don't ever want to forget...

-The sweet smile that you share with us when you are 110% happy with the world!
-Your looks of curiosity
-Watching you think & ponder
-the feeling I get when you lay your head on my shoulder when you're sleepy
-the way you smell after your bath
-the way your face lights up and the way your mouth makes an "O" excited expression when we give you goldfish for a snack or you hear your bath water running after dinner
-the way your face lights up the room when your daddy walks in the door from a trip & how you will not let him put you down for hours afterwards!
-the way you will let anyone pick you up and play with you
-your easy-going & content nature
-the way your little body looks in your pjs...fitted little sleeves with a tummy pooching and a thick diaper making your bottom stick out so your little legs look even more tiny

-how you'll walk to mama & daddy not holding on to anything but you want something to hold on to if you walk anywhere else
-your cheesy grins when you know you're being silly
-how when mama & daddy laugh you start laughing just because you want to
-how it doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing, but as long as you're in the room with someone, you're happy
-watching you eat your meat & veggies and how you sort your food on your tray
-the way you're learning that if you pout to mama she will pick you up no matter what just to make sure that nothing is seriously wrong
-the way you love being outside
-watching you play with your hair when you're sleepy
-your sweet laugh

-watching you play your heart out!
-how you love giving mama & daddy kisses
-your gorgeous long eyelashes
-how my heart breaks any time you cry even if it's over little things
-how angelic you look when you sleep
-how cute you are when you are trying to dance
-how independent & determined you are about certain things
-how warm you are & how your sweet breath smells when I sneak you in the bed with me early some mornings

how much love I have for you at this very moment!!!!
Love, Mama

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