Thursday, March 12, 2009

that red sofa

One of our favorite spots in our apartment is our living room area. At night, when we're all home together you can often find Clay, Parker & me hanging out in this room. Parker has his little play area, Clay reclines in his chair and I lay out on the couch...ahhh, that red sofa. I fell in love with it when I first laid eyes on it several years ago in Tupelo. My aunt Christy has a warehouse with all sorts of fun goodies...accessories, furniture, jewelry...pretty much anything you can think of. I'm so thankful that before Clay & I got married I went and bought some of our furniture that we have now! Most of our living room area is furnished with items from the warehouse: the red sofa, both of the black end tables, an entry way table that we have up against our other living room wall, a tiered shelving unit, the mirrors behind our kitchen table and much more! I love it!

It's so funny how sometimes one of the very first things I think about & see when I walk in our home from a trip is that red sofa!! I look forward to just plopping down on it and watching a good movie or reading a magazine! It's soooo relaxing and comfortable! :)

What is one of your favorite spots in your home?

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