Friday, March 27, 2009

precious blessings...

I am so thankful & blessed right now to be able to stay at home with Parker! We get to play all day (well, most of the day that is!). He makes me laugh by doing the funniest things, by making the cutest expressions and by gabbing away in his own little words!

I am thankful for each of the sweet moments as well as the not so sweet moments that help us to learn and make us stronger. Thankful that Parker is healthy, bright & happy! Thankful that we have each other. Thankful for each new day and every new opportunity! Thankful for our friends & family who love & support us so much! Thankful that God blessed us with this precious baby boy whom Clay & I love beyond words!!!


GrannieT said...

Hi Carrie, That's just the way we love Parker - beyond words! Thank you for the updates. we love opening up and finding new pictures and new messages. You have such a gift with words and expressions. Love You!

The Cravens Family said...

Love you Parker!
-Aunt T