Friday, March 6, 2009

food in the freezer

So yesterday I go downstairs to check our mail and we have a note saying we have a package in the office! I joyfully skipped to my car & drove around to the front building to pick it up! I started squealing as soon as I walked in because I immediately spotted ours...a large styrofoam container...we always know what that means!!! Omaha Steaks from Nana & Poppie!!!

Ever since Clay & I have been married, Nana & Poppie have sent us these care packages from Omaha Steaks with a variety of scrumptious meats, vegetables, desserts, etc. The food is absolutely delicious and easy to prepare! (We also really LOVE unpacking the box & putting everything in our freezer! ha ha!) The freezer goes from empty to full... :)

...I know, I know...we are spoiled by all of our family. I have seriously got the most wonderful and thoughtful in-laws in the world. From day one of meeting them almost exactly 4 years ago, I felt like I was immediately a part of the family. We love it when they get to come to the states and visit us!

So, tonight Clay, Parker & I are having steaks, twice-baked potatoes and green beans for dinner! Ummm..I can't wait to cook this one!

Thank you Nana & Poppie!
Picture: Parker wanting to help put away the yummy food! :)

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