Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mama!

My mom is an elementary school teacher & I love getting to hear funny stories and phrases that her kids say! The children were all excited about her birthday and wanted to know how old she was. She smiled and said, "Now boys, there is something you must know. There are two things you can never ask a lady no matter how old she is. One is her age and the other is her weight."

Then she looked at the children and replied, "But I will tell you that I am 39 and holding."

With a confused look on their faces, the kids asked what that meant.

Mama said, "Well, what that means is that once you get to the age of 39, you quit counting!"

And one of the little boys looked at her so seriously and replied, "But Mrs. Jones, I thought you were like 50?"

I love you so much Mama! Happy Birthday!

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