Monday, January 6, 2014

hello 2014!

Cheers for a new year!
Cheers for 2013 and the trials we overcame. cheers for 2013 and the memories that will always be cherished.

I have plopped down in front of this computer about 16 times (or maybe more...who can remember?) to start one of my posts and without fail, something has come up every.single.time. I remembered that load of laundry that needed to be switched to the dryer before the clothes had a chance to wrinkle. One night the thought of needing to get all of our lunches prepped for the following week popped into my head and so up the stairs and to the kitchen I headed. And yet, even with neglecting yet another post, there are always jobs left undone and dirty toilets to be cleaned. Imagine that.

I fall crawl into bed almost every night thinking of words I want to share and memories I want to post, and then poof! There goes another 24 hrs.

So tonight as I sat down to eat my supper at 8:37pm I made a decision. I'm going to write. I'm going to write right now.

Where to start: Best memories of 2013? Lessons learned and hard times overcome over the last twelve months? Goals for the new year? Our 2013 Thanksgiving and Christmas memories? Fun crafts and decorations around our house during the holidays? Bible verses and lessons that have literally made my mouth drop because they have been that applicable to where I am in life right now? Or, maybe I could just start with....Now.

Keeping things simple...

1. It's cold here. And I don't mean 20 degrees cold. I mean -20's cold (with a windchill of  -50s cold). So cold that all Minnesota schools have been shut down for today and tomorrow.
2. I seriously tear up almost every day thinking about how fast my boys are growing up. Sometimes I will catch myself staring at them as I try and soak up every little detail so as not to blink and have them disappear.
3. I get overwhelmed almost day with my house and all the stuff...and the messes. Love the memories. Hate the messes. Working hard to simplify some things in 2014 (been on this mission and have been working towards simplifying our stuff since 2012. Sad isn't it?)
4. Started feeling the Baby move at the end of 17 weeks (just a few days later than I felt Cooper) but love that now I am feeling it move even while I'm working throughout my work days. It makes me so happy I find myself constantly smiling over it.
5. Experimenting with quite a few crockpot recipes these days and thankful as heck for that large cooking pot that saves me every single week.
6. Listening to "Pieces" by Meredith Andrews and "Just Say Jesus" by 7venth Time Down. Loving 98.5 and all it's goodness in tunes.
7. Reading "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young and literally inhaling every single passage multiple times a day.
8. Craving "alone time" to read, write and think creatively. It's been a long time...
9. Sooo loving our new sheets that Nana and Poppie got us for Christmas. I am literally sleeping 100 times better on them as I visit Dreamland.
10. Striving daily to not be anxious over anything. Did I mention this is literally a DAILY focus (thought upon

So thankful for this bit of quiet reflection before turning in for the evening. The dishes can wait yet another day.


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