Saturday, January 15, 2011

13 kiddos + Chuck E Cheese = extreme fun & extra long afternoon naps

Spent a lot of today (and the last several days) thinking about this incredible man who I miss so much.

Daddy would have been all up in the middle of the party at Chuck E Cheese today. Parker and twelve of his friends danced with Chuck E and played till their little bodies couldn't play anymore. :) Parents, you can thank me now for completely wearing your kids out for you just in time for afternoon nap...however, I will not accept responsibility for any tantrums prior to the angelic sleep. ;) 

This three year old had a very successful birthday party; he was so happy to have his friends with him to play. The ticketblaster was a comical sight; I'm sure you can get the overall picture from the photo below...he basically stood in the little tube with his eyes closed and an enduring smile on his face as the hundreds of little tickets flew all around him. His response when he walked out...with an unsure smile on his face, "Mom, I not do that at my next party." Then he walked back over to his table to have cake with ChuckE and his friends and then off to play some more. ;)

I think the dad's had as much fun (if not more) than the kids! ha ha!

Both of our kids will be sleeping really good tonight. Thank you Chuck E. :), naps for the boys, and maybe a little crafty time for mom. I'm in the mood to create something.

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