Friday, January 15, 2010

letter to my daddy

Three years ago today, my daddy went to be with his Saviour in Heaven. Though he is missed greatly on earth, our family is so happy and thankful that he is in a Better Place...the best place! I have thought of him daily since his passing and seem to only miss him more each day that he is gone. I am, however, grateful for the many, many fond memories that our family was able to share together during his time on earth. Today, I sat down and created this layout in memory of him (and yes, I went through an entire box of tissues during the process!!!) The title is "Dear Daddy..."
1st page:
2nd page:

When I was gathering photos for the layout, I hadn't planned on using any particular ones. I just grabbed ones that I wanted to use as I saw them. When I stood back and viewed the final project, my mouth dropped...the picture on the left page of Daddy & me dancing was the last picture taken of the two of us together (2006). The baby picture below was taken my first Christmas(1983). And the family picture on the bottom of the right hand page was taken on our last family vacation together (2000).

I love and miss you so much Daddy! ...your baby girl


Marsha Goodwin said...

Carrie, your dad was one of the sweetest men I have ever met..When my dad was in ICU at GLMC, he came in to speak to us most everyday, always with that smile and true concern for us..No matter where I saw him, he was going to make an effort to give me a hug and ask me about my day..I know how it is to miss your daddy so much it hurts..God bless you as you miss yours today...Love you, Aunt Mar

carrie said...

Thank you so much Aunt Mar! I appreciate your sweet comment.

valerie said...

Thank you for sharing this Carrie. We will never stop missing your Dad.