Sunday, January 10, 2010

he's two!!!

Happy Birthday Parker!!!

At two, you are happy, curious, playful & caring.

It doesn't take much to make you happy. As long as you are around people whether indoors or outdoors, a smile is on your face. Sometimes you like to play right in the middle of the bunch and other times you would rather sit back & observe the action...your little brain is such a sponge right now. Other things that make you happy: when daddy comes home from work, when mama, daddy & Parker are all together, anytime that family comes to visit, being outside, playing with cars, trucks, planes & trains, visiting new places & seeing new things (you are still an AMAZING traveler!), having playdates with your friends, reading books, sitting in your little red chair, eating fruits (such as grapes, blueberries, strawberries, apples & pineapple) & any spicy/well-seasoned foods (you have never been a picky eater & will typically eat anything!!!), running around naked (when mama will let you!), wrestling on the floor, playing with your animals & building fun things out of your legos, blocks & bricks, singing "Old MacDonald" & "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" & other silly songs, having busy play & learn time & then settling down in mama's arms to be rocked & cuddled to sleep for a nap. You have always loved being busy & we wouldn't have it any other way!!!
Your daddy and I love your curiousity! It's cute to watch your little facial expressions as you raise your arm to point to something & ask, "What's dis?" over & over & over. :) You like to watch mama & daddy work on things. It's usually not long before you jump in & start helping us with whatever task we are doing at the time. We can always tell when you're thinking (we just wish we knew what you are thinking!) You will sit quiet in your stroller or in your high chair if there is lots of activity going on around you just to take it all in. Until a couple of months ago, you did a lot more observing than talking. Now, you are doing a good bit of both. A couple new words come out of your mouth almost every day.

I can see more of your daddy's comical personality coming out in you each day as you are already joking around with us at such a young age! It's such fun to watch the two of you play & romp around on the floor. At any random moment you will say something with a certain amount of serious in your tone; when we turn to ask you about it, you break into this sly grin & tilt your head slightly down & to the side as if to say, "Ya'll are such fun to mess with!!!" You & your daddy are both such teasers! Clay & I both adore your playful attitude & are so thankful that you are learning at an early age, "not to take life so seriously!" Smart little boy. I hope that stays with you forever.From watching you when you were not even a year to now at the age of 2, it is obvious to all that you have a very caring & loving disposition. As an infant if you heard another baby cry you would look at us & start crying for & with them. You never like it when you see others hurting. Then seeing you on the park playgrounds & at Disneyworld waiting patiently in those long lines amazed me. One of my proudest moments of your life so far, was seeing you waiting in the kiddie line at Pooh's playground. When other children were pushing through to the front of the line, you waited patiently & made sure everyone got their turn. When it was finally your turn to go, you sat & slid down that slide with all enthusiasm at bay. Upon reaching the bottom, you jumped off that slide & went right back up the steps to wait your chance again. I never had to breathe a word to you; I just stood off to the side & watched my baby become a little boy. I know that during your lifetime there will be many more moments such as this. I pray that your daddy & I get to enjoy many, many special parenting moments "in the shadows"...just like this one. Other random facts about Parker:
He LOVED the Christmas tree lights & ornaments this year...and all the Christmas festivities! First thing he would do when we walked in the house was turn the tree lights on!
He usually runs from us when it's time to change his diaper.
...asks for "Oh Toodles!" (aka Mickey Mouse) almost every day.
Likes to watch parts of tv shows such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Mandy, Dinosaur Train, Sesame Street, Clifford, & Imagination Movers...each day it's a different one!
Has not once tried climbing out of his crib (to my knowledge), but wakes up, turns the light on every morning & starts calling for us immediately. If we're not there within about 15 seconds he starts crying & screaming.
Likes to watch daddy shave & then must have a turn (a pretend-turn!) himself
Is a great ball-handler...hand him a baseball, soccer ball, basketball, or football & he'll amaze you with it (I think this makes his daddy quite proud! ha ha!)
Follows our instructions very well & actually enjoys picking up his toys most of the time
Already has quite the opinion about quite a few things! ;)
Likes to line his toys up in straight & even rows
Enjoys building things

Sleeps with his soft, blue blanket every night
Most nights goes to sleep without a word or wimper...since about the 10 month mark (although the last two weeks or so have been weird...he's been calling out to us & about 30 min & two trips in his room later, he falls asleep)
Loves going to Kindercare & playing with his teachers & friends
There's not a food I can think of that he absolutely does not like...I'm sure this will change! ha!
Is saying mostly single words & two word phrases with a few three & four word phrases (such as "I tru da ball" for "I threw the ball"
Newest words (as of Thursday): "Yess" for "Yes" & "Ocpus" for "Octopus"
Doesn't like his hands or face to be dirty (usually)...he must get that from his mama!
Washes his own hands
Gets excited & hollers out each time we're driving down the road & pass a construction truck, a big 18-wheeler, an airplane, a motorcycle, a bike, a bus or basically any other sort of transportation vehicle...yes, there is a lot of excitement in our car most days!!!
Parker, your daddy & I are so proud of you for the little toddler that you are. We love you so much!
Love, Mama & Daddy

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."
Jeremiah 29:11

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