Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hunger Initiative & "Quacks" at home

During the month of January, our church is participating in the Hunger Initiative, an event that "heightens awareness regarding global hunger & encourages people throughout the community to take action." Wooddale partners with organizations locally & around the world to tackle issues like hunger & poverty on an ongoing, sustainable basis. There are many ways to have a hand in this cause. Besides helping to pack one million meals in the community, people can opt to donate monetarily ($1 provides 6 meals), pray for the mission, participate in the Solidarity Challenge (an effort to consume less & cut back on spending) and/or a variety of other activities.

Today at church, I was touched as I listened to a mom talk about their experience last year with the Solidarity Challenge in their own home. The part that really brought out emotions for me was when she related it to her own children. After the first meal of the challenge, she said her kids were still hungry...and went to bed crying wanting more food. I immediately put myself in that situation and pictured my son looking at me with sad eyes at the dinner table and asking, "More mama, more?" as he pleads for additional food that he can't have. A little dramatic? Maybe in our personal situation...but for places outside of our another world...nope. It happens to moms every single day. Now, our family will not be participating in the Solidarity Challenge this year (at least not to the strictest degree). However, we are finding other small ways to help out just as much.

I would like to encourage you this week to find a mission/reach-out (whether it be one at your church, an elderly neighbor who could use a visit...anything!) and strive to make a difference in another person's life. There is so much sadness going on in so many parts of this world...I know ya'll have probably been keeping up with the Haiti helping other people who can't help themselves you are making such a difference! Plus, it will make you so happy you'll feel as if you're floating on air!!! :) Remember, little actions can produce BIG results!

And on a little lighter note...this is what I returned home to last night after bathtime! My little "duckie!" He was "quacking" his family up with his laughs, quacks & adorable personality! All I could think of when I stood laughing at the sight was, "Batman, look out! Here comes the Duckman! Quack! Quack!"
Don't you just want to squeeze him & smother him with kisses! :) thankful for his vibrant personality! I just love this little man!

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A. said...

PMan the Quack man!! Love it!