Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Documented: "Flying the Skies with Two Little Guys"

So often we forget the little things that seem routine. The conversations, the atmosphere...details of the moment. It has been awhile since I've recorded one of our flights --and actually this one is my first to record since Cooper has been with us. I didn't want to forget this time. :)

April 26, 2011
10:20 a.m. flight from Minneapolis, MN to Houston, TX
Purpose of trip: see family - Nolens
Carrie and Cooper: seats 20A and B
Parker: seats 20C and D (he thought he was so big getting to sit all by himself)

Before boarding: travel seat/stroller, purse, diaper bag, Parker's backpack, Parker's carry-on, Carrie's carry-on (remember to take out C and P's blankets, Parker's harness and Cooper's bunny before boarding...go through boarding order and organization in head)

Boarding Procedure: Place 2 carry-on bags overhead, put Parker in seat...harness and buckle him in, lift stroller and break down to put in window seat, attach seatbelt extender and buckle, give Parker blanket and airplane map and brochures, lay Cooper's blanket and bunny next to him, place backpack, diaper bag, cooler and purse under seats. Sit down, buckle up, breathe, pat yourself on the back. :)

While on the flight...
Parker: admiring the rain, airplanes and other activity outside the window...glancing through the airplane map and emergency instructions sheet.

Thoughts from a three year old as he flies the skies:
Grinning from ear to ear, Parker says...
"I so excited mama!"

10:40am (haven't taken off)
Parker holding his blanket and airplane brochures and material
Cooper has been asleep since 10 min after boarding the plane

10:50am still content and happy to be on a plane...Parker was in constant motion and quite the little chatterbox :)

"Are we moving?"
"Are we there yet mom?"
"Are we moving now?"
"I think we're taking off mom."

singing ABC's...

"Are we moving yet?"

Breaks into "Itsy Bitsy Spider" rendition...followed by a "yeah yeah yeah"

"Are we going into the sky yet mom?"

Gasp! "We're taking off now!" (as he grabs on to both armrests.)

Looks that cross his face: excitement, scared, worried, brave, determination, excitement again
The pictures below (the next 4 of Parker) were taken in less than 20 seconds. He went from excitement to all those other expressions and then back to excitement...all in 30 seconds. 

You are such a brave little boy, Parker.

Stuff at my feet: Parker's backpack (aka travel bag), purse, cooler with baby food and teething rings, diaper bag

Plane has taken off and is leveling out...
Parker: "I don't like it when the plane turns like that (as he does the hand motions for it) but I a big boy and I not cry."
After plane levels off a little more...
Parker: "Are we there yet?"
"I want my shoes off." (Picks his nose for like the 197th time this morning)
"Can I have a snack now?"

Me: "Stop picking your nose!"

Parker takes his shoes off and lets them fall to the floor.

Parker playing with the armrest and singing...something.

"Mama, do you have any fun games?"
"Are we still in the sky mom?"
"May I have a treat now?"

I move over to his seat with his backpack/travel bag and take out his new Easter chick pez dispenser...

Me: "lemon, Grape or Orange?"
P: "Orange"
I showed him how they worked...he's enthralled. Eats all the pez in 1 1/2 min.
Me: "Parker, save some for later because once they're gone, they're gone."
P: "I don't want to save any."
Me: "Ok, just remember when the chick runs out of candy, Mama doesn't have anymore.
Would you like me to read you a book?"
P: "Ooh yeah!"
Me: How about National Geographic Kids "Safari." (with a big tiger on the front cover)
P: "No. I don't want that one."
Me: pulling out another one..."Ok, we'll read the Please, Thank you Little Goldenbook."
P: "Yeah, that one!"
as I read the 3rd pg...
P: "May I have some more treats now?"
Me: "When the nice flight attendant comes around with the snacks and a drink you may have some."
P: holding the pez dispenser, "can I have some more of this?"
Me: "No Parker. No more candy. You may have snacks when the lady passes out pretzels and nuts."
P: "What else do you have in my bag?" (referring to his travel bag)
Me: "Would you like to play with your airplanes?"
Parker's face lights up.
I think, "Maybe this will keep him busy for a whole 5 min"

...hence me now getting to write all of this down. :)
A view of our seats from above:

The flight attendant adored Parker and Cooper. She came and sat down with Parker about midway through flight...and guess what she happened to have? Pez candy that the Easter bunny had brought to her...strawberry flavored. She shared. Parker was happy and enjoyed telling our family all about it.

12 pm: Cooper wakes up from nap and is happy and hungry
Fed him until 12:50
12:50 Take Parker to potty, put shoes on him, and buckle him back in seat (he has figured out how to unbuckle the seatbelts and his harness), use bathroom, give cooper teething ring, bunny lovee and paci
Put things away and get everything in order for deboarding

Parker: "Are we here yet? I think we are." (as he plays with his pez dispenser)
"Mommy, can I get out of my seat yet?"
"Are we here yet?"

Cooper sits contentedly.

Plane lands.

What Parker ate on plane: 2 pez packs, pretzels and nuts, water (wanted snacks the whole time)

After the plane reached our gate and people started deboarding, I gave Parker his bag to stroll down the aisle to the front of the plane where he was to wait for me (as he usually does).
I grabbed the rest of our bags, put the stroller down and started down the narrow aisle. I see Parker's bag just sitting there up front in the middle of the walkway. A pilot to my left said, "Is this your bag?" I replied, "Yes, and did you happen to see a 3 year old who went with it?" He nodded and pointed to the cockpit, "Yeah, he's up front having a discussion with the captain." The first officer smiled.

My son, the shy one.
I will never know exactly what he was telling that fellow, but the pilot listened politely and intently. Bless his heart, that man didn't have a chance to interject even if he had wanted to. ;)

Houston, we have arrived.


valerie said...
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valerie said...

Love the pic with the pilot! Sometime I'll have to tell you about me & Courtney running through the Atlanta airport.

A. said...

Love IT!! Love that you came to visit! xoxo

Terry said...

Love this! I am amazed every time you fly that you manage and multi-task so well with all the bags and two little boys! I look forward to re-reading this one! Love you!

xacan said...

really, picture with pilot are cool. i wanna know what did he say to the pilot.