Thursday, May 12, 2011

family time in Mississippi

May 2011
Parker - almost 3 1/2 years
Cooper - 6 1/2 mos

Due to our short time in MS, Rassie hosted a "Great-Grandparents Day" for our family to all be able to come in and see the boys. We loved the visiting time and are so very thankful to everyone driving in to visit with us.

Favorite memories: Parker playing football in the front yard with Shorty, blowing bubbles with Cousin Alyssa, Rassie's Happy Salad, Aunt LaLa and Cousins Collin and Ashland making and flying paper airplanes around the living room, meeting Mrs. Marilyn, visiting with Aunt Kathi, Alex and Alyssa, seeing the 3 great-granddaddy's chatting it up in the living room and getting pictures in the moment of our family together.

We made several attempts to get new pictures with the boys and their great-grandparents, but eventually took it for what it was and gave up on the "formal notion." I have to say though, that after looking at all the pictures we took, these made me actually shows a true representation of the moment and their personalities.

Parker always finds old treasures of his uncle's at Rassie's house that he likes to help himself to. Thanks for sharing, Uncle Tader. :)

Thanks to each of our family for making time for us over these last several weeks. We are so thankful for each of you and love you very much.

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valerie said...

The pics are great!!!!!!!!!!! Love them all!