Saturday, February 11, 2012

playing catch up this weekend and missing my guys...

We have been busy lately...

This past Sunday at 5am I headed to the airport to catch a flight down to Florida for a work conference. Clay was holding down the fort and decided he would take the boys down to Texas to see family for a bit.

I would have posted some of the fabulous pictures that I took on my trip earlier in the week but unfortunately time did not allow for that. One of these days, when my hubby finally talks me into getting an iphone, I will find posting while in flight and when out of town to be much easier. ;)
I will post a few pictures from my trip soon...thought about it today but opted to work on the boys' albums instead, made and ate some delicious chocolate strawberries, went to the movie theater to see "The Vow" (still can't get over the fact that a movie costs a whopping $10 now...just to get in!!!), listened to some favorite tunes while I went through and threw out a bunch of paper junk, worked out, did laundry...definately took advantage of the full 24 hours I had at home by myself to accomplish some fun things! ...still playing catch up from the holidays and from life in general. :)

Missing these guys..."Can't wait to see you so soon!" :)

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