Friday, February 3, 2012

our day in Mississippi with family

In case everyone has not caught on to this yet...the one thing that we do not like about living up North is being so very far away from family. Clay and I are both extremely close to our family and if it were up to us, we would live in the same town as all of them. We would love every crazy little minute of it. :)

We missed not being able to go down to Mississippi for the holidays so we had planned a weekend trip down South for January. Though my original plan did not work out to be able to stay a few days, we were thankful for the funfilled and precious day that we had in Grenada this past weekend. Clay and I got off work on Friday afternoon, and we quickly headed for the airport to catch the last flight down to Memphis.

Saturday went by far too fast, but how much fun it was. We saw 1 grandmother, 2 sets of great-grands, 1 great aunt, 1 cousin, 1 uncle and 1 aunt.

The kids had a blast lounging in their pajamas for a couple of hours Saturday morning, getting into all of Rassie's exciting "new" toys.

I love the familiarity of being at my mom's home.

One of the highlights of of the trip was Uncle Taylor, Clay and Parker's outing...shooting on Saturday morning. This was Parker's first time to shoot. (He shot with Jonesie's gun) When our little man walked in the house from their little adventure holding a bottle of Sprite and proudly chewing gum, I did not have to wonder whether or not the morning went well. He was one proud little man.

My husband and brother both have a thing for not only slightly worries me. ;)

...notice the proof that Parker did indeed shoot a gun. (He wouldn't wipe the smudge off his face for hours after they got back! ha!)

The ear protection that daddy bought for Parker and that he brought for himself came in handy on the plane ride back Sunday. We luckily got the very last row of the DC9 and had the privilege of hearing the mighty engines at their greatest.  These earsets helped our little angels sleep almost the whole way back. Thank you Lord.

Someone was hungry and thirsty after his nap on the plane, so we had to stop on the way out for a snack. This made the little Mr. Mr. happy. (We are working on weaning him from the bottle, but I have to say, he really looks forward to his "BaBa" in the evenings before bedtime.)
Sunday afternoon..."Minnesota, we are back!"

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valerie said...

I know your mom must have been thrilled to have all of you home even if it was a quick visit! The boys are just growing up sooooo fast!! Love y'all!!