Friday, January 27, 2012

Parker's 4th Birthday Party - Chuck E Cheese

When Clay and I started asking Parker where he wanted to have his 4th birthday party, there was no hesitation...."CHUCK E CHEESE!!!!" We gave him several other options, but his little mind was set. ;) Once again, the playland for kids (and adults!) did not disappoint. Seriously, I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or the daddies. I think Parker met his older matches with Mr. Gooch and Mr. Eric. :)

I had assembled party treats for girls and boys for two different ages. For the younger tots, playdough and goldfish. The older boys got a Hot Wheels Car, candy and goldfish. The little girlies got a sparkly princess lipgloss, stickers and candy. So fun!

Clay decided to help Parker in the ticket blaster this year. :) Last year, our little man was a little unsure of this fast, wind-blowing machine. On this day, Parker was excited to be inside the little room with tickets flying all around him. He was quite happy to stand there, smile and watch the flying paper surround his little body. Clay, on the other hand, was on a mission...he was determined to get all the high value tickets that were available within that contraption. After all, a small nerf gun at the rewards center in this place is only worth about 20,000 tickets! ha! I must say, Clay succeeded. Parker stood there happy as all get out, grabbed a few tickets along the way, and dear hubby stepped out with tickets coming out of his pants! ha ha! We left with a LOT of tickets to be put towards future use! :)
Cooper enjoyed his time with the Barney, Bob the Builder, and Chuck E Cheese rides. He also had a blast climbing up and sliding down the little play area for babies and smaller tots. This little Mr. Mr. was all smiles. I really appreciated all the extra helping hands we had with this little fellow while mama was trying to organize everything and take pictures of the event!
Parker enjoyed every minute of the afternoon, and we appreciate all of our precious friends who came to help us celebrate. We are so thankful for each of you.

Until next time, Chuck E!!!

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valerie said...

Looks like Parker had a FUN party!