Friday, January 13, 2012

a "pizza-for-supper" kind of day...

This little one is fighting a full-blown double ear infection...

Between that and all the other random things going on around here, I quickly determined it was going to be a pizza-for-supper kind of day. No one was complaining here (well, except that little twinge of guilt I felt for Cooper that made me pull out peas, fruit, and other healthier leftovers for his little tummy!) ;)
The one weekend this month that we are playing it low around here...should be fun. Now, I just hope Cooper perks up soon. He is pretty pitiful at the moment.

Around New Year's I found my 2012 planner, so I have been diligently filling out dates and notes in there...and have been having quite the fun with it! The green one was last year's (that I found on sale at Target and LOVED!). This year, the pink was the only one left in the formatting style I wanted, so I grabbed it up quickly and decided I could adjust my liking to the color. (pink has never been a favorite color choice of mine.) I think it is already growing on me.

Ooh, I just love getting organized!!! I am certainly not always on top of things, but I like to think that I would be a walking and living disaster if I was not as organized as I am now. It is totally true. Plus, taking notes, setting goals and organizing gives me this amazing high that usually evokes quite a few silly squeals and jumps from my addition to a few curious looks from my husband. ;)

A few of my general goals (I do not care to post my 2 page detailed listing of goals for 2012 for I know you would either laugh, roll your eyes or both...but you'll get the jist from this):
Laugh and play more. worry less. love wholeheartedly. Capture and document. Read. Learn. Listen. Travel. Cook healthier meals. Exercise consistently. Sleep more. Strive. Run. Dream and Soar...and stay on top of my laundry like I did up until 3 months ago.

And to fulfill one of those right now, I am off to bed. I have a feeling my little "Mr. Mr." will be needing me in the wee hours of the morning.

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Wow - this is a great story!
Very entertaining to read.

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