Friday, January 6, 2012

December wrap up

The boys have had so much fun playing with all of their Christmas toys and gifts over these last several weeks. With us having this unusual year of a lack of snow, it has been great on warmer days to get out and take little rides around the yard in their new truck. Luckily for them, unlike years past, I have not finished putting away Christmas stuff and all of our gifts; I do believe they are thoroughly enjoying that their dear ole' mom is running a bit behind.

The month of December seemed to pass us by in only a few days but with a number of exciting activities and memories made. To ensure that I did not forget to record something, I would sit down for about 5-10 min as many nights as I could and post pictures from the day's events, but without taking the time to record any journaling and such. My thought was that when I had the chance to go back and write down the details I would make the post live. we are into January, hubby had a scheduled OSU Fiesta bowl game to cheer for (quite enthusiastically I might add!) and I took that as my cue that I could get some blogging time in. Whew! I think I added 9 or so posts from the month of December....and I kept them at their original start date so that I wouldn't be posted all about Christmas during the entire month of January.
So, if you would like a complete feel for our December, go back to the December 1st post and work your way to January. ha ha! You might want to sit down might make you dizzy. ;)

I'm keeping this short tonight, even though a part of me wants to draft up a post about several of my favorite holiday finds...the house needs me. It is crying out for me to come clean and organize something.

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