Friday, May 18, 2012

Boo Boo's and Bandaids

I have been told over the last several years to get ready for the bumps, scrapes and bruises that come with having boys!!! Though I am thankful we have not had any serious injuries (with the exception of Parker's tooth/mouth incident, which may or may not be considered to some as a major incident), the number of bandaids we have been going through this last month scares me a little bit. As a matter of fact, the first morning of waking up at our new place, though we could not find baby wipes, socks or other certain items of necessity, we knew exactly where to find the bandaids. Parker knew exactly which box he could search in to find the Lightening McQueen Boo Boo helpers. After breakfast, Parker came to proudly show mom and dad his little airplane that he had patched up using his very own bandaids. "Look! It's all fixed! I fixed it with my bandaids!"

Though Parker has received a few of his own, Cooper has been the brunt of the majority of the boo boo's lately. A bruise on his cheek from a fall, a scrape on his chin from a slip, a black eye from a little boy accidently hitting Cooper with a tennis racket (I think Cooper walked into it actually), 3 burned fingers from grabbing the hot toaster one of the first days at the new place (totally my fault)...and those examples were just to name a few.
At this time I am thankful for small and minor boo boo's that bandaids, neosporin and kisses from mama will fix.

Holding my breath, and hoping and praying that as my boys get older, the boo boo's will stay few and minor. This is one of the things about being a mama to boys that makes me a little nervous. ;)

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