Wednesday, April 6, 2011

big boy boo boo's and a trip to the dentist

Saturday, the boys and I were out doing a little shopping when we needed to stop for a "potty break." Parker was having a little too much fun standing underneath the hand dryers happily bouncing up and down saying, "Aaaahhhhaaaahhhh" when I heard a bump....then his cries. I knew immediately what had happened. of my biggest fears has always been that my children are going to knock their teeth out. Thankfully, we were only looking at a chipped tooth, but I think my heart was more devastated then his. Ironically, I had already set up his first dentist appt for that upcoming Monday. Well, with little blood and only about 30 seconds of tears, we decided to continue on our little outing. Other than him constantly rubbing his tongue along the edge of his rough tooth, you would never know that he had just chipped it.

That afternoon, when the boys woke up from naps, I decided an outing to the park would be refreshing and fun. We hadn't been there a half an hour when Parker took a (very small) fall...but a fall that managed to bust his lip up pretty badly and severe the connecting point between his inner lip and gums. Blood...everywhere...looked a lot worse than it was. We left the park pretty quickly to head home and clean up. Though a little upset about the accident at first, by the time we got home, Parker wanted to know why he had to go inside. He was stalling going into the house as long as he could.

I made "tough boy" pose for a few photos...after all, this is his first big boy boo boo...well, his first major boo boo anyway.

He was up...
...then he was down.
Bedtime came early that night. Poor baby. Sadly enough, I think later I cried over it more than he did.

By Monday morning, Parker was excited to go to his first dentist appointment. His special job was to hold the suction wand...and he took the responsibility very seriously I might add. :) The dentist ground down his tooth a little to smooth it out. Parker truly did amazing the whole time. (and his daddy got extra kuddos for snapping the great pics for me!!!) Mom and Dad felt like they had major bragging rights the rest of the day after hearing the raves from the dentist and dental assistant on how terrific the little man was. :)

"Carrie, you'd better put on your big girl panties, cause it's only going to get harder as they get older."


Becky Chalet said...

Been there, I understand that feeling. I enjoy reading your blogs. Feels like a neighbor watching your kids grow. God bless you, Carrie.

Katia Craig said...

Aw, it really is cute when they're having a great time at the dentist. It's cool that more kids aren't so scared of dental appointments anymore. It's great for them, and for the parents as well.