Friday, April 22, 2011

Springtime inside our home

This post was written on Good Friday, but apparantly I saved it as a draft instead of actually posting it last night. :)

Growing up in Mississippi brought forth many a hot summers, crisp fall's, not-so-cold winters and refreshing spring days filled with daffodils and plenty of green to cover the whole South. Often when my brother and I would come home from school, we would find fresh cut daffodils lovingly placed around the house in different rooms by our could always spot a vase filled with yellow blooms on our kitchen table. I still remember the sweet fragrance and how it felt to walk in the house on those afternoons. Windows were kept open to let in fresh air...the curtains would breezily move about the rooms. Short dresses and white open toed shoes were brought out on Easter Sunday. (If I'm remembering correctly, quite a few weekends were spent laying out in the backyard around this time during my teen years as I worked on darkening my tan for the upcoming summer.)

Obviously, I've had to make a little climate adjustment from my childhood days in the Deep South. The view from my kitchen table this week doesn't scream Easter bunnies and daffodils. Three different mornings over the last week and a half our little area of the North has awakened to more snow. Yippee. ;)

Around the house, however, I've filled our spaces with a little decor and pictures that evoke feelings of springtime and sunny days. A springtime chick made by Parker, bunnies of all sorts, pictures of past springtime memories, a tucked away Gail Pittman porcelain egg (that Parker likes to point out almost each day like he's found a treasure that mama hid!), fresh colorful fruits in a variety of containers, and a sweet lamb adorn our household right now. One day, I too will have fresh flowers in each room...but for now, I am loving our little treasures. :)

Here are just a couple of photos of our "springtime inside the home" right now:

I had several fun Easter activities planned for Parker and me to do together earlier in the week, but the conversations went something like this:

Me: "Parker, would you like to make some Easter bunnies out of playdough?"
Parker: "No, I think I just want to play with my cars."
Me: "How about making a bunny out of cotton balls?"
Parker: "No, thank you. I think I just want to not do that."
Me: "Ooh! I know of something really, really fun that we could do! How about making Easter bunnies using paint?! We could fingerpaint some grass, trees, bunnies and all sorts of cool things! When we're done we could hang it on the refrigerator and let Daddy see it when he gets home!"
Parker: very contentedly "Um no, I think I just want to play with my trucks."

This is what I walked into the living room to find him doing later...apparantly it's a lot more fun to load up big trucks and trailers with Easter eggs and take them around and around and around and around. :)

On other fronts, this little guy has discovered that he prefers sitting to anything else...and that's the only way he wants to be. (I'm having an extremely hard time not smothering those sweet, chubby cheeks in kisses 24/7.)

Happy Good Friday Everyone!
I hope each of you has a blessed weekend with family and friends!


Ali said...

Ah he is so sweet! I just want to love on him!

Rebecca Ulrich said...

I just love the conversation you shared between you and Parker! My cheeks are hurting from the big smiles.

And I know what you mean about the constant kissing of the chubby cheeks. I know it is only a matter of time before Alan says, "momma, no."

Thanks so much for sharing your sweet days with those boys!