Friday, April 8, 2011

He dressed himself today...and we went to the park!

What you don't see in this picture is his big boy Mater underwear on inside out and backwards. ;) Since he usually has me get his clothes out and on for him, I tried to be very optimistic about the situation this morning. I asked him if he wanted to take his Mickey Mouse pajama top off and put another long-sleeve shirt on, to which he replied, "No mom, it's cold outside. I need my long sleeve pj's underneath dis one." He wanted to wear his shirt with the big truck on it..pj's or not his mind was made up. One khaki sock. One navy sock.

"All right! Let's load 'em up!" I wasn't in the frame of mind to argue with my 3 year old this morning. Plus, I thought it was kinda cute.

This is Cooper in his high chair. This is how he looks when his big brother is making him laugh from across the table.

So today, it was warm enough to get out and go to one of our favorite parks. Yea for no snow!!! I went all out with quilts, blankets, a picnic basket filled with fun toys for Cooper, snacks and a few other goodies. As soon as I unbuckled Parker he made a beeline for the playground. Cooper and I enjoyed watching him and the other excited kids while playing with some fun toys on our quilt. Seeing my littlest one in bright colors and Parker's navy floppy hat literally made me giddy for summer and warmer weather! How cute those little chunky legs and chubby toes will look in bubble suits and sandals.

One thing that did catch me off guard today was getting emotional watching Parker play on the playground...2 specific climbing spots that only last summer I was having to help him with he just took off towards and climbed them like an expert tackling Mt. Everest from top to bottom in record time.
Parker came to this playground before he could even walk. He was literally crawling up the steps his first summer/fall. Seeing him out there today brought back many memories of the last several years.

Have a Happy Weekend! If it's nice out, might I suggest a trip to a nearby park? :)

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Thanh Lam said...

the kids have great parents :D i hope i could also have parent like you