Friday, April 1, 2011

our little Cooper

Over the last several days I have been holding this one extra close to me. Despite my best efforts to keep him "my little baby," Cooper continues to grow daily at almost breakneck speed...and that makes me sad.  (...maybe a little happy too, but mostly sad; I'm not ready for him to get big! I'm such a sap!)
Ma ma ma ma ma and Ba ba ba ba baba are his favorite babbles right now.

He loves when his big brother talks to and plays with him; it makes me so happy to see his face light up when Parker walks in the room. He is completely mesmorized with Parker and watches every move he makes. And he likes to be everywhere family is...right in the middle of it all...just like his older brother...well, unless it's naptime or bedtime. When he's ready to sleep, he's ready to sleep.

Cooper is so expressive and happy. He is a busy little boy exploring with his hands and eyes. He has learned to roll more versus just rolling from one side to the other and staying in that position. For awhile now, Cooper has amazed us by his big scoots across his quilts. He is sitting up more confidently although he still needs assistance sometimes..we're still laying more than sitting.

He is drooling everywhere, so it has been hard for us to not keep a little drool rash under the chin. We will not be surprised if some teeth pop out soon as hard as he's working those little gums. His big brother started teething early, so we'll see if Cooper follows suit.

We're still working on the hair...I think his little fuzz is adorable though and wouldn't change it for the world. :) 

He had enjoyed quite a bit of carrots prior to this day of the picture... :)

Cooper makes us so happy. I love that he is a part of our growing family. I am trying to not miss a thing, because the days seem to fly by soooo fast. I love him so much and could just squeeze his little chub 24/7. Clay laughs at me because I'm constantly planting kisses on his chubby cheeks and body; I tell him that I have to kiss my boys as much as I can while I'm still "allowed" to and while they still cherish that from their mama.
Ok, I've been staring at his pictures now for 45 min....time to turn in for the night. This sweet, little cherub is struggling to stay asleep through the evening hours...teething, gas, hunger, cold/hot, constipation, swaddle to no swaddle, stuffy nose, itchy, dry name it. Lately, it's always something. We'll figure it out. He likes to sleep waaaay too much to keep this up much longer. :) For the time being though, his bathroom is stocked with 2 types of Orajel, tylenol, suppositories (did you know they make an infant kind?), lotions and creams, nose bulbs...we're armed and ready for action. Now if I could just function a little better in the wee hours and not be half asleep, some of these methods might be a little more efficient. Rest well, friends, because I sincerely doubt I will be.
Who needs sleep anyway? Not me. ;)

Update: Ok, so my little man did amazing last night!!! He ate at 10pm (right before I got in the bed), 2:30 and 6:30am. Not a peep out of him in between feedings!! Yea! Go Coop!

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Lory Gold Dandelion said...

this is the cuttest baby I´ve ever seen! :)