Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a Party for friends

So, that event I was preparing for (from my earlier post)...

a Baby Shower/Farewell party for friends, Jonathan and Lauren Richmond. Friends of the couple were invited out for a family affair at our place this past Saturday afternoon/evening. Lauren's parents were in town from Arkansas and able to make the event as well, so it was nice getting to visit with them.

In only a few weeks, Jonathan, Lauren and Eleanor will be moving to Chicago and having Baby #2. Wow. Lauren is amazing. A true Supermom as far as I'm concerned. We will miss them dearly, but look forward to visiting them in their new city soon...we'll make sure it's warm there first!  :)

Lauren, Jonathan, and Eleanor

Lauren and Katie

Parker will miss his friend. Eleanor and Parker are always a busy duo when together. :)
(Notice that strawberry in Parker's hand? Over the course of the party, about every 10 minutes one could spot a little arm reaching up to the table to snatch another plate with more strawberries, a sandwich and sometimes a little cheese. We all started laughing after the pattern continued for a good 45 min before anyone said anything to him. Clay, who was downstairs with him at the time and witnessed the eating of the food, said that he would eat all the strawberries on his plate, hand off the sandwich to someone else and run back upstairs to grab a new plate and more strawberries. What is it with this boy and strawberries? I know I lived on fruits when I was pregnant with him, but seriously?!)

Precious Eleanor.

Mike, Susie and Eleanor


Hostesses with Lauren: Sally, Susie, Lauren, Carrie, Stephanie, and Katie
These girls did such an amazing job in preparation for the shower; thank you all so much again for your help with everything!

Sweet Leina and Kelli
I couldn't get pics of everyone (and my candid "room" shots of lots of people did not turn out to my satisfaction, so we will just stick with these)

And a pile of shoes by the front door...what a blessing to have so many good friends.
Jonathan and Lauren, you will be missed greatly.
We love you,
Your Minnesota Family.

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