Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a picnic at the zoo

This morning Parker came in my room to wake me up saying, "Mama, come get me dressed so we can go to the zoo." For whatever reason, he was set on going to the zoo today. I laughed, rolled out of bed and we got ready for our outing. At one point, I didn't think it was going to work for us to go and still be back for naptime because it was getting to be quite late in the morning. Parker said, "No mom, we just have a picnic at the zoo then come home and take naps." I told him we might not be able to see all the animals to which he responded, "I want to have a picnic cause it's fun....and I want to see five animals."

Well, all right then Mr. Parker. We will go to the zoo and have a fun little picnic.

And fun we did have! After Parker helped me assemble and pack our picnic lunch, the boys and I headed out. It was one of the most exciting two hours of his week I am sure. People watching, chowing down on carrot sticks, a turkey sandwich, goldfish, grapes, pistacchios, and a front row seat next to the big underwater turtle exhibit...a perfect way to spend a couple of hours on a very cold day. Parker and Cooper were both all smiles.

After our picnic, we headed on down to Tropics Trail to do a quick walk-through. One thing I love about going to the zoo is that I can let Parker have some independence and roam in front of me without worrying about him leaving my side. I could almost hear the words, "FREEDOM!!!" screaming from his little body as he happily ran from one exhibit to the next.

I do believe Cooper is going to be just like his brother in that he loves an adventure and new sights. His little head was bobbing every which way very purposefully admiring his surroundings.

Alas, it came time for us to head home, but have no fear little furry friends...we shall be back to visit soon!

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schopmaya said...

Parker is precious!! Love y'all,