Monday, February 28, 2011

Visiting castles and dragons...

One of the current exhibits at the Children's Museum in St. Paul is Lego: Castle Adventure. Last week, Clay and I took the boys for a morning of castle viewing and fortress building. There were three separate areas for building, all based on age and skill level: Soft, oversized Lego foam blocks were available for young toddlers, duplos for older tots, and a Master Builders area for older kids that allowed the use of standard size Lego blocks. Along with building their own creations, kids could explore the castle grounds, safely play in a jousting field using foam lances and soft targets, dress up as a princess, prince or dragon, read some of the favorite children books on dragons and medieval times and much more!

Although Parker had fun standing next to the extra-large Lego statue of a mother dragon and her baby, testing a castle's defenses using a 3-D computer and catapult, and running through the castle grounds that included sliding down the slippery sloped exit, his favorite part of the morning was building his very own fortress with his dad.

When I took a closer look of Parker's creation, I smiled at the pattern. :) Clay told me Parker was building an airplane and the smiley faces were the passengers.

I always look forward to visiting the Minnesota Children's Museum and seeing the latest exhibit. Castle Adventure is here until September; I'm sure we'll be playing again at the castlegrounds before fall. Something else I'm hoping we can do in the near future...Pizza Night at the Museum (offered every Friday night for families).

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