Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Christmas in Minnesota (2010)

I can imagine what most of you are thinking...
"Carrie must really be in zombie mode; does she not know we just finished Valentine's Day?!"
Well, I can assure everyone reading this that I am aware of what month it is...I wouldn't go so far as to say the exact day, but I am aware of the month. ;)

We started 2011 off in full sprint mode and my December posts just got lost in the hustle bustle of everyday life. These posts are important to me because they were a big part of our month and year. (Additionally, believe it or not, today is the first day I've actually sat down and looked at all of our Christmas pictures. Gasp! I know. So, by posting this and going through all my pics, I am picking our favorites and sending them off to be printed so they actually make it in our albums.) :) Though there were hundreds to choose from, here are a few I wanted to share with ya'll.

The Nolen's flew in mid-month for a Christmas visit. To say we were excited to have family with us for the holiday, would be an understatement. We all become like giddy kiddos over here when someone flies in to see us. It would be next to impossible to pick a favorite memory from this past Christmas, but here are a few worth mentioning:

CiCi's Christmas containers filled with homemade sweet treats for the family, Ashee and Parker sledding, Nana and Poppie cooking in the kitchen, watching KK read to Cooper in the early morning, the wrapping stations we set up several different days and evenings, skiing at Welch Village, Parker almost catching Santa Claus in action (sneaky little thing!), our display of Christmas cards from family and friends, watching Parker over all the Christmas excitement, Clay, Parker and me riding around the nearby neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights, Parker and Clay spreading magic reindoor food outside around the house, Jesus' birthday cake, Parker's barn (that was made for Clay by Poppie when Clay was a little boy), our beautiful Christmas tree in the dimly lit living room in the evenings, the fun packages that came in the mail from our dear family (thank you all!!!), Cooper sitting contentedly in the bouncy seat during a portion of our opening gifts, Parker dressing up in his new Buzz and Woody costumes from Uncle Taylor and Aunt Fair. Taking (well, attempting to anyway) pictures of the boys in the Christmas pjs and outfits, the nice woodpile delivered to our house as an early Christmas happy (thank you Nana and Poppie!), snow on our evergreen trees by the side of the house, lots of outdoor fun! CiCi baking more Christmas cookies (after we heartily finished off the first batch that she brought!), Parker in his apron helping Nana and CiCi in the kitchen, good visits, Poppie's yummy breakfasts, playing with all our new Christmas toys!!, reading Christmas stories to Parker and Cooper before bedtime, watching Parker playing with his felt nativity, Elf on the Shelf, visiting with our family back home each day to catch them up on the Christmas action in Minnesota and missing them not being with us...

Thank you to our family for coming to see us this Christmas! We loved having you here and enjoyed making special holiday memories with each of you.
Love and miss you all.

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