Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our passing days...

Time is passing quickly around here these days...what day is it anyway? I will save all of our day-to-day details for my Project Life (more on that later), but will share a few special pictures of our last week. My plan is to actually get in the bed before midnight tonight ;)

My boys are growing up way too fast for my comfort level. Just in the last week, Cooper has started rolling over and attempting to sit up to see whatever his beautiful blue eyes can see. If I didn't have pictures and videos to document, there's no way I'd believe it. This little 16 week old babe is drooling all over the place and putting whatever he can find or grab in his mouth. His sweet, little dimple-faced self continues to melt my heart each and every makes the short nights worth every minute of zombie mode the following day. :)

Picture taken on January 26, 2011 at 15 weeks

Parker has had all his big boy "I'm 3" stuff to do: pictures, doctor appointments, eye checkup...seems like we've had fun events going on every other day for him lately. Going through the house proudly singing the ABC's is his latest thing. Sledding and playing outside whenever possible, sitting by the fire and watching movies in the evenings, playing board games and with his new toys, and saying whatever comes to mind is what this toddler likes to do.
 ....oh, and building airplanes with his daddy so that they can travel the world together before bedtime...

Then, seeing this on our way to church on Sunday made my heart smile...
I am so in love with all 3 of my boys and look forward to our new daily adventures. I have had to laugh lately because of our life right now...busy doesn't describe our recent days. I would like to think that among the hectic schedules we're carrying--the everyday dishes, loads of laundry, errands to run, business calls and decisions to make, organizing of our space, shoveling the snow in our driveway every 4.6 hours, and much much more--that at the end of the day I can smile knowing that first and foremost I was "mommy" to my boys and blessed wife to my husband.

The other night Parker was eating dinner and said out of the blue to me, "We are a happy family, mommy....(a few seconds later)....I love you mommy."

My day was complete.

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Jan said...

Carrie. I just love reading your blog. The picture of the boys holding hands just made me smile. What a wonderful family you blessed! Love you!