Monday, February 7, 2011

Random moments from our day today

Just a thought...I wonder if one doesn't sit down to eat for meals, but instead walks around carrying a 16 pound weight while tossing a few bites in their mouth, if those calories actually count. If not, I should be back to my high school weight within the next couple of months. I'll let ya'll know how it works out for me.

Tonight, while I was playing down on the floor with Cooper, Parker decided to jump on my back and ride horsee. I'm crouched down on my knees playing peek-a-boo up close with Cooper and Parker is on my back yelling, "Whee haw!!!" (instead of "Yee haw") and pulling my hair like saddle reigns...I think I need to invest in some new hair strengthening shampoo and conditioner.

...ok, so it was seriously starting to hurt!
P.S. We're all dealing with dry, itchy skin around here...especially the boys. I'm trying to put lotion on them twice a day (currently, I'm applying something on Cooper's head like 6 times a day), but wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations for children's moisterizer. We've got Johnson's baby lotion, Aveeno baby lotion and Vasoline Intensive Care lotion. Any others for sensitive skin (for face and/or body)?
Update: I've had several friends mention Eucerin and Aquaphor...why I didn't mention those before I don't know because we have both in our bathroom right now. With Parker we were able to get Aquaphor to work; I don't know why I didn't try this on Cooper's sweet head. Anyway, the doctor ended up giving us a prescription shampoo to help because any of the above mentioned lotions/ointments would not have helped the dry scalp by themselves apparantly. After using the shampoo once and then applying Vasoline and then Aquaphor I am seeing a slight improvement! Yea! Maybe we're getting to the bottom of it! Thanks for the tips guys! ...We're still putting Vasoline on Parker's lips (chapstick wasn't working) but using it more frequently so he doesn't wet his lips as much...which was just leading to more dryness...and so on and so on... :)

Sweet Brother Moment: Each time I change Cooper's diaper, I sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and work in a little tickle and tummy massage. Apparantly, Parker has been watching because today he insisted he was going to be the one to sing "Itsy Bitsy" with Baby Cooper....very cute.

Disclaimer: Usually my child does wear pants; however, lately he has not been wanting to wear them around the house. Clay and I usually make him put them on so that he doesn't get cold throughout the day since dear husband likes to keep the house temperature at 63 degrees, but that was one battle I decided wasn't worth fighting today. :)

P.P.S. I think as of yesterday (note to self: January 6, 8p.m.) we are done with the Nunu (aka the pacifier --for our 3 year old that is)!!! Last night, when Parker was going potty, it accidently fell out of his mouth and into the potty. Oops! I told him he was going to have to sleep without one since it was icky. He went ALL day without asking for it until bedtime tonight and my response was, "Sorry babe, it's still icky from falling in the potty. You'll be fine. You've got your animals and blankee." Parker's response: "Ok."
Thank you icky potty.


Aunt Lala said...

Yeah for Parker!!! I need a "visit" real soon!! You all are loved...

Aunt Lala

valerie said...

Just caught up with the last couple of blogs -- I am not being prejudiced or biased because you are my niece, but I am continually amazed at your talent for writing and photography!! Carrie ------- THIS IS GOOD STUFF!!!! Especially love, love the photo of the boys holding hands in backseat!!! Lots of fun reading about your "day in the life"! Surely do miss seeing y'all and hope it won't too long before we can see you again! Love to all!!!

NANA said...

Precious! Thanks for capturing such sweet moments.
Wow! No nunu! What a big boy!
Love you all,