Sunday, February 6, 2011

one "poopy" morning, sorted laundry and other randomness...

My morning started out poopy. I don't mean "poopy" as in a not so fun situation (although it definately was not fun); I mean I literally woke up to poop this morning. Not a fun way to start the day. I will save everyone the nautious image...I am aware that poop is slightly different than that of spilled eggs on a kitchen floor.

After clean-up on Floor 3, I prayed that my 7 minute shower would be the longest 7 minute shower I had ever experienced. Dear husband, who was currently in the shower and then getting ready for work, was completely oblivious to the entire upstairs situation. As he walked in to kiss us goodbye and to grab his bags, he said, "All right, I'm gone babe. Are ya'll planning on making it to church on time because it looks like you're running a little behind?" (At this point, I had been up working for 45 minutes but no one was dressed, showered or looked like they had been out of the bed for more than 5 minutes.)

I should have been wearing a sign that said, "Warning: Sleep-deprived mom who woke up from her evening nap to lots of poop. Tread carefully. Mentioning the phrases "behind schedule," "whatcha been doing," "Is something wrong?" might evoke negative reactions." ;)

After a swift turn of the head with a cross of evil eye and a pleading look to take me with him, I replied maybe a little curtly, "Have fun at work."

Needless to say, the three of us did make it to church one hour and 15 minutes late, and my sweet hubby (who did eventually find out what my morning had been like) left me a super sweet message on my phone that made me smile. Though we missed Big Church and part of Sunday School, I'm glad we made the trek to church. Along with a great message from our speaker (at least the 15 minutes that I heard anyway...I had to leave to feed Cooper), seeing some good friends, witnessing how proud Parker was of his handpainted purple heart that he created in Sunday School, and if I was completely honest...the $1 Chai Tea Latte with whipped cream that I ordered as quickly as I could from the church coffee shop, made the morning not so bad after all. :)


And for some randomness...some true everyday pictures of our life right now:

For the record, I do not like all chocolate...most...but not all. Flavored strawberry cream chocolates along with any fruity covered chocolates are not on my "favorites" list. As a matter of fact, I can't stand them, so they always end up in the garbage. Here lies proof that I do not eat any and every piece of chocolate in sight...although I will honestly admit that the scale tips to the "Yummy-I like" end much more than the "Yucky-not like" side of the scale. :)   ...obviously, these were the rejects...the others were devoured over several late night evenings.

Throughout the days lately, in our haste, I have been literally tossing our dirty laundry down to the basement where I later will sort everything into piles to wash --instead of taking it down there and sorting it as we dirty it. (I'm sure everyone can't wait to see our dirty laundry. As if you don't get enough of it at your own home!)

It actually makes me very happy to see my sorted piles when I walk down there (I'm one of those that actually enjoys doing laundry...weird, I know). So, today after getting the boys down for a nap I decided to throw in a load and take a picture of my sorted and organized laundry...sad, the little things that I get excited about.

A favorite of mine that I can't get enough of lately....Pistachios. LOVE THEM. My mom still gives us stockings at Christmas; this year she mailed us the biggest stocking I think I have ever seen stuffed with all sorts of random of which was a large container of pistachios (and no, this is not the container...that one has been long gone!)
I could seriously eat them like candy; some nights after the boys go to bed --usually on Tuesday's during "White Collar"-- I will throw on my pajama pants, grab a handful of pistachios and totally veg.

So there ya go...a "poopy" morning turned positive, proof that I do not eat everything chocolate :), my "favorite" for the week...and some other randomness.

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