Saturday, February 19, 2011

ramblings on a Saturday night

Hubby and I are about to work on our Bible Study for tomorrow night's Small Group...this session we're doing "Love Talk" by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot. It seems to be a good one; and of course, how can you go wrong with doing a study on communication in your relationship!

I need to take more pictures. My camera is probably accumulating a little dust with the little bit I have used it this week...that's a rareity.

Parker tried out his new skiis and ski boots today. Clay took him outside this evening to ride the hills in our backyard. It was hilarious to minute he loved it; the next he wanted out of those skiis. But at the end of the night he asked his daddy if he was still going skiing with him next week. :)

I have been putting off going to the Post Office for a week now for no specific reason.

LOVE building fires in our fireplace in the winter.

Cooked a delish dinner tonight that was very last minute. Grabbed a recipe from a 5 ingredients or less cookbook that mom sent me...Clay LOVED it and wants me to add it to our "regulars" list. After we cook it again and I get some pics, I'll post the recipe. But for now, it was a yummy chicken recipe that included salsa, bacon, bbq sauce and a sprinkle of a few other things. Yum.

For a week now I have been craving dark chocolate (only) and wine. I have now depleted my dark chocolate stash and will have to get more soon. The milk chocolate and other yummy sweets are still sitting there waiting for a moment of weakness in the future. ;)

Cooper is one of the most expressive babies I have ever known. He melts us with his dimples and smile every day.
Cooper at 4 months: February 11, 2011

We're supposed to get a foot of snow tomorrow...Clay just came bouncing (literally) in the room to tell me.

I am about to go eat a banana because I am really hungry all of a sudden.

I was not a happy individual on Tuesday evening when I found out USA network was airing a dog show instead of White

Ok, enough ramblings for one Saturday night. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

P.S. The boys had a great time down in Texas with the girls. Parker enjoyed every minute with his daddy and his aunts. The zoo, McDonalds (always makes it in the favorites list in this kids book), lots of special playtime with his Aunt Ashee and Aunt KK...he came home with a smile on his face. Thanks for having them for the weekend, girls!
Cooper and I had a great time back in Minnesota as well. We actually stayed pretty busy with events and being on the go; however, we made sure to have extra special one-on-one play time together. Also, I was thrilled to get down on my hands and knees and scrub each of the bathrooms from top to bottom. Sad, but true. I actually was really looking forward to cleaning the whole house...and clean the whole house I did. :) Still have some paper and magazine stashes to go through, but I felt so much better to have the house clean...well, for 3 whole days before it needed it again. :)

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what a cutie!!!!

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