Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's on your kitchen floor today?

Warning: Before you think about staying up late to sweep & mop your disgusting kitchen floor, read the following story. It might cause you to wait just a little longer....

I'm sure you are familiar with the saying, "There is no use crying over spilled milk."

Well, last Thursday morning I chose to cry (HARD) over 1 dozen + 2 "spilled" eggs on my freshly cleaned kitchen floor. During my luxurious, 7 minute shower, my ever-hungry 2 year old (who had already eaten a bowl of Cheerios, a banana & some of my breakfast as well that morning!) decided to get in the fridge to see what goodies he could find.

When I walked into the living room (in nothing but a towel I might add since I always run out just to check on him before I get dressed, etc.), I wish I could have gotten a picture of him sitting there so proudly in his fire truck footed pjs with the biggest grin on his face in the midst of the yellow goo. Unfortunately, my brain didn't think to grab the camera to capture the moment. Actually, the look on my face alone made Parker not only cry, but also get up & head for his time out corner. I stripped him down on the way out of the kitchen (since egg yoke covered his last-night pjs) & told him in a very quiet, but very tense voice to sit in time out until I told him to get up.

As I cried pitifully staring at the situation, I realized that it might be a good idea to go put some underwear on at least before I stepped into the mess.

Some days --most days as a matter of fact-- I handle stressful situations very well. Had this happened during another week I probably would've handled it very differently...had a look of shock on my face, grabbed my camera for the prize shot, sent Parker to time out while trying not to laugh, & resumed cleaning up the floor.

...that wasn't how it went on Thursday. Oh no, it didn't go like that at all.

Other than the actual mess on the floor, I was seriously upset over the fact that just the night before I had forced myself to muster up enough energy to stay up till 10pm to get just one thing cleaned in the apt...and that was to sweep & mop the kitchen floor. But, that's usually how it happens right? ;)

Do you know how many Swiffer wetmops it takes to mop up 1 dozen + 2 spilled eggs on a kitchen floor (after you've used one half of a roll of Bounty Paper Towels)? Correct answer would be 3.

What was my adorable 2 year old trying to get into that caused the eggs to come falling out of the refridgerator?

Apparently, according to the above evidence of fresh sticky strawberry prints & the fruit remains, a pound of fresh strawberries bought the day before at Target. Have I mentioned before how much my child loves fruit...especially strawberries? He had taken each of the strawberries out of the container, eaten off each one to his desire (some taken a couple of bites off of & others eaten down to nothing but the stem) & made a sweet little pile on the above shelf. I did find some remains in the garbage too...not sure why he made the transition from garbage to fridge unless he got tired of walking to the garbage after eating each individual strawberry. I guess he figured this way was more efficient! :)

Needless to say, this little incident has forced me to either bolt the refridgerator door each morning with some of our handy packing tape along with his wooden high chair standing in front (so he doesn't rip the tape off), or resorting to taking him to the gym just so I can shower. :) I told Clay we were going to seriously look into refridgerator locks...yes, they do make them. I'll let you know how well they keep little 2 year old hands out!


A. said...

Love it love it... I seriously laughed out loud!!! Haha love love

Aunt La La said...

I laughed out loud, too! Bless his heart and yours too!! Love you three!!!