Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Describing our weekend

Family photo taken on April 18, 2010

Warm, sunny, BUSY, rewarding, fun...words to describe our weekend

Friday night: Clay flew in from his trip & we went to a friend's home for a late night "bring your own app" party.

The idea was to have tents set up in the backyard for the kids to play in & a bonfire to toast marshmallows, movies, etc...basically a fun pj party until late bedtime rolled around. The parents would visit outside around the bonfire while we watched the kids & also while we munched on all the yummy goodies. Well, Friday it was chilly...too chilly to play & to stay outside for very long. We had a great time visiting & playing indoors though. Towards the end of the evening, the dad's took the kids out all bundled up so they could roast a few marshmallows before ending the evening. Parker proudly brought one inside to me that he had helped to toast so I could enjoy the sweet fun too! :)

Saturday we had a busy day running errands, packing, & taking care of things around the apt. We've almost finished our packing!

Story for scrapbook: Our Sunday morning actually started with Parker wanting to take his first poop in the big boy potty while we were trying to get ready for church. I was fixing my hair & putting on my makeup when Parker came in the bathroom trying to lift up the toilet seat to do his business. I called Clay in there to assist...his response was, "Do we really have to attempt this today..on a Sunday morning when we're running late for church?" He agreed though & helped support Parker on the big boy potty. Within 20 seconds Parker had taken his first poop in the potty! Clay & I just looked at each other in a little bit of shock. I told him that he was going to get a special summer treat for the new house for doing such a big boy thing! On the way to church, Clay & I were discussing whether or not we really wanted to go ahead & start this potty training thing the week before our move & less than 2 wks before we headed down to MS. (I had planned on starting the first or second week in May) Parker obviously listened in on our conversation to which he replied, "I ready Daddy, I ready." Unbelievable. Looks like we'll be buying the Cars & Mickey Mouse briefs next week. :)

Sunday, after a nice morning at church, we joined the Sunday School class for a quick 3rd Sunday lunch at D'Brian's. Sitting on the deck over the pond & watching Parker run around chasing after the birds was the highlight of that hour. Of course, he was too busy to indulge much in his lunch while we were outside, but when it was time to leave it was, "Mama, I want to eat." :) Next, Clay helped me to complete the final prep work for our baby shower that afternoon for two girls in our Sunday School group. Laurie's mom & dad were sweet enough to host it at their lovely home in Wayzata. There were 6 hostesses, 2 to mother-to-be's (both expecting boys) we were honoring, & about 18 guests. A great turnout & fun time for the girls!

So happy & excited for Katie & Laurie!!!

Carrie, Kelli, Stephanie, Lauren, Nicki & Holly (the hostesses)...3 of these girls have just had babies in the last 2 months as well!
While the girls were partying inside, the boys were enjoying the outdoor sunshine. Mr. Chuck (Laurie's dad), Mike (Laurie's hubby) & Clay took Parker fishing down at their pier. My husband was smart & ran in to retrieve our camera during the baby shower so he could document Parker's first fishing experience! I was one proud wife.

Words can't even describe how much joy our little man experienced out there with that fishing pole. And with a little help, he caught 9 brim & 1 perch!!! I don't know if Clay had ever seen his son prouder! Clay even taught him how to hold the fish by the mouth.

Parker & Mr. Chuck talking about the fish
I love this picture so much...it's going in a frame in Parker's new room!

After arriving home Sunday evening at 7:00 after an exciting day, we decided to have a pizza picnic on the living room floor before bedtime. Good times. I am so blessed.
...and that would be how I would briefly describe our weekend.

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valerie said...

Get ready! Now that Parker is using the potty at home, he's going to ask to use potties everywhere else whether he really has to go or not! Funny how kids become so interested in using " potty" just for the sake of seeing if all potties are just alike and work the same. Ha!