Monday, April 26, 2010

Memories from our Home 2006-2010

"My first home as a blushing bride
Far from my home, Clay at my side.
Plans and dreams begin to unfold
and soon there's a precious baby to hold.

And now we move on with memories in tow
We have a new home, a new place to go.
God, continue to guide us; lead us in your way.
Please bless our home and family this brand new day."
Poem written by Terry Jones (Rassie or "Raddy") on April 25, 2010
Above: When arriving to our first apt in Apple Valley right after the honeymoon, Clay had adorned the bed with rose petals & leaves to surprise me. The bedroom furniture, which we had picked out prior to the wedding on a quick trip up North, had been delivered just before the wedding in December. It was one of the few things we actually had in the apt for the first month we lived here until we had a chance to move everything else up from MS.

Above: Picture taken outside our bedroom window the day Parker was born; large icicles were common outside our windows on the fourth floor
Below: Welcome home sign made by Rassie & placed outside our door to welcome Parker home for the first time! Picture taken outside our apt complex during one of our many walks

Some fun summer days spent out by the pool

Discovering the magic of Christmas

A moment out on our balcony

Waving to the cars & people below from our balcony (an everyday morning ritual for quite some time!)

Lots of playtime in the living room

Taking a walk to our nearby park

Bird out on our balcony early one morning (we rarely had birds perch up here, so this was a sight to capture)

Winter sunrise view from our balcony...we will miss the beautiful views from our 4th floor balcony

So many memories were made from January 2006 to today in our home...starting with our first apt 402 then on to 423. People say that the place you bring your babies home to will always hold a place in your heart; I understand that now. I am thankful for the wonderful and happy memories in this place these last 4 1/2 years.

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