Sunday, April 25, 2010

our last day in Apt 423

For the past 2 months, packing little bits of our house here & there has taken up "naptime," (most freetimes) & a couple of Saturday mornings. Over the last 3-4 weeks, the house has been completely consumed with boxes...& the brown yuckiness is starting to take a toll on me. :) I have found myself drawn to organizational sites, magazines...basically, anything bright, orderly & inspiring that I can think about & visualize!

Luckily, we move tomorrow, so the inspiration can really kick in & take action soon! The moving truck is arriving at 8am & we are ready for them! Thanks to my husband, who is Mr. Prepared & Ready-Well-in-Advance-for-Anything, our house & storage room are packed (and actually packed in a very organized manner thanks to him!) & ready for the move! makes me laugh when I look back on my move home from college & then our move from MS up here. I literally had my things in tote bags & garbage bags to load into the big moving van. ha! I didn't know any better; I can't imagine how frustrated Clay was loading that truck for his unorganized, newlywed!

Parker has even gotten into the moving process. The other night he wanted to pack his last box of toys all by himself. What a little helper he is!

For the last couple of weeks, the entrance to our apt has basically looked like this, minus one row of boxes & adding back in the kitchen table. Meals have been eaten on the floor for the last several days. It has led to fun memories though! Picnics at parks & even picnics on our living room floor has caused a little excitement in the least from the toddler's standpoint.
Aunt Lacey, aka CiCi, flew in this past week to play with Parker. :) We really enjoyed the visit & were thankful for the extra helping hands! Lacey is not used to the crazy "always-a-toddler-at-your-feet" daily lifestyle that we live, so I was impressed at her endurance & bouncy attitude through each of the activities & challenges that kept us busy each hour...I will admit though that I was happy when a couple of nights I wasn't the only one going to bed early. :) Thank you for coming to play CiCi! We love you!
I've been pretty impressed with mine & Clay's attitude throughout most of this moving process (I am aware it's not over yet...but still, I feel as if a lot of the work is already done!) We have managed to get through it so far without too many disagreements, which is honestly a miracle when you put two opinionated people like us in a room together for too long to work on a project such as this. :)

I will say this as a warning to husbands out there: If you ask your wife if there is anything else from a particular kitchen cabinet (a month away from the move) that can be packed & she says, "No" please take her word for it. For instance, if you are just needing one more little thing to place in a spot to finish out a perfect box & decide that she really doesn't need that food chopper for the next month, be aware when she looks for it 2 days later you will be the one doing the chopping of the vegetables for the next month...or at least until she gets her food chopper back. :)

And with that, I am off to enjoy the rest of our last day/night in Apartment 423.

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valerie said...

I'm so excited about your moving plans! My neighbors are moving this week also, but I'm not so excited about that. Once you settled in (like two days from now - ha!), you'll have to post pics!